A masterpiece is created at Macca

Cake for a cause

What happens when you put two enthusiastic Rangers, lots of flour, butter and sugar and a great cause* together? Apart from a fantastically epic mess?

An elephant seal beachmaster cake!

As the Chef on station it is my job to help facilitate these ideas (some of them) and help guide them to fruition. This includes providing recipes, ingredients and knowledge (e.g. how to turn mixer on!) that will hopefully make the masterpiece creation a success, without trying to impede too much. It was a fun process to be a part of and although nail biting at times (and wondering where the flour and icing sugar came from), it all came together.

The result was an elephant seal cake replicating an almost life size beachmaster head. Well done to the Rangers (apprentice bakers) and watch out Zumbo!

 *The Cause: Sunday, 7 September is National Threatened Species Day. To help raise awareness for the cause, a yearly bake off is held by the Threatened Species Commissioner. Entries arrive from all over Australia exhibiting Australia’s unique and remarkable wildlife.

Our eager Rangers thought that they would like to submit an entry to showcase a local threatened species — the Southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina).

'Southern elephant seals are a threatened species that are protected under Tasmanian and Australian legislation. The Macquarie Island population is a significant portion of the global population. Dominant bull seals (beachmasters) are currently hauling out onto the island’s beaches in preparation for a busy breeding season. Annual monitoring has shown the island population is experiencing a slow decline. The #TSbakeoff coincides with the beginning of the annual elephant seal census on Macca’.  Andrea and Stella (Rangers)

It is now time to walk the shores and wait for the first of the pups to be born under the watchful eyes of the beachmasters. Anyone for cake?

To find out more, visit http://bit.ly/tsbakeoff and vote for your favourite entry in the People’s Choice Award.

Kerryn (Chef)