This week at Macquarie Island: 16 August 2019

It’s the little things.

The small things of Macca

Macca is well known for its big things.

Big hills to hike up and down, big seals with the elephant seal beachmasters, big birds with the wandering albatross and giant petrel populations, and big weather with the storms and winds that lash the island.

Sometimes forgotten amongst all this bigness as the small things of Macca. As a walker that prefers the slow route poking about the place, and frequently stopping to smell the buzzies, I often marvel at the small things.

There are many little treasures and wonders hiding in plain sight.

Kate Kloza, Antarctic Medical Practitioner

A close up of a Maquarie Island cabbage leaf covered in snow with sunshine glowing through
The golden sunshine making a Macquarie island cabbage leaf glow
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
Bright red shells and seaweed washed up on to rocks.
Shells and seaweed washed up onto west beach after our recent wild storms
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
A close up of a snow covered buzzy
Snow covered buzzy
(Photo: Kate Kloza)
White feathery moss in amongst the green of the feather bed
Spaghnum moss on the featherbed
(Photo: Kate Kloza)