Training on the Big Green Sponge

Ready for the wilderness

Over the past month at Macquarie Island our team of expeditioners have participated in three days of field training conducted by Billy, our winter Senior Field Training Officer.

For those of us who have never been to Macquarie Island before, all of the weather combinations were thrown at us including rain, mist, sunshine, snow, sleet, wind and even rainbows — often all in one day. A proper introduction to the wild vastness and diversity of the elements on this Island.

For the team members who have spent previous seasons on the Island it was a chance to see how the flora, landscape and coastline of the island has changed; and to be reminded of how welcoming a Macca field hut is at the end of a long walk.

With essential navigation and wilderness survival skills under our belts, we’re all ready to load the packs and pull on the boots to head back out there to support the science and operational tasks down island this season.