A Station Leader goes over the edge and a birthday is celebrated

Tying ourselves in knots, bends and hitches

An important part of station life is learning essential field techniques for responding to emergency incidents as a small team. This week our search and rescue training (facilitated by Billy, Senior Field Training Officer) focused on learning the rigging systems for raising and lowering a rescue stretcher on a slope.

Following a refresher in knotcraft (and a reminder that “if it’s not a bend or a hitch then it’s a knot”) and kitting out with personal safety gear, we set off to practice our techniques on nearby slopes.

As you can see from the photos the team did a brilliant job of safely setting up the rigging systems and retrieving and transporting a stretcher patient to safety on two different slopes. It was also great fun for the Station Leader who went over the edge twice!

Kat (Station Leader) 

Happy Birthday Stella!

This week Ranger Stella celebrated a special birthday on station with all of the key elements for a momentous birthday– her favourite meal, cake, a “Macca through the Ages” themed party and bonus outdoor spa bath.

Chef Kerryn’s creative cake decorating excelled with a Macquarie Island themed cake — each elephant seal and penguin had a unique personality, and the cake was delicious too.