A sparky tells us about his 'emotional' weather experiences

The weather report

On every Australian Antarctic station the weather is a vital part of the preparation for almost any aspect of our daily lives, whether it be work, travel or recreation. However, it can also be a source of many emotional responses, from resigned acceptance to wonder, and even surprise as the world around us changes from one scene to the next. On Macquarie Island all of these reactions can be magnified.

It could be the surprise of a windless sunny day or waking up on a cold winter's sunrise to a blanket of fresh crispy snow. Rainbows above Doc’s track first thing in the morning, or sitting on the heli pads by the Isthmus enjoying a spectacular sunset at 3:30 in the afternoon, hoping the wind and rain return to dampen the smell of ellie seals and penguins upwind (or merely to disperse the kelp flies). Macca has it all.

This is Lewis Firth and, as always, your friendly neghbourhood Macca crew.