Ridding the island of unwanted waste

The Clean Up

Hey it’s me again, Alex from Macca… the midwinter countdown is on and we are all very excited for amazing meals cooked by our celebrity chef Nick and for the freezing midwinter's swim.

Ok…. enough about that for now, onto the story.

Chapter 1 The Cold Fingers

Six brave expeditioners made the march to dangerous and treacherous Davis Point. The march was long and required a stop at Green Gorge hut, which is a 16km hike from base camp. Along the way they completed the
deployment of the fourth seismometer. Of course, as soon as they began working the snow started dumping, and there was lots of it. Only once they had finished the install, with freezing finger tips, did the snow stop. The expeditioners pressed on to the warmth and safety of the wild west coast. Up, up, up, the expeditioners climbed before a ‘jump down’ was required, right before the Davis Point hut. The decline was long, hard and all the expeditioners were tired but with sweet relief they made the bottom! They had made it. Huzzah!!

Chapter 2 The Rubbish

The following day was what the entire previous two days of walking was all about. They were on the west coast. It was time to clean, to save the world one plastic bottle at a time. The expeditioners quickly got to work, walking down the beach, finding any and everything you could think of. Plastic bottles, toothbrushes, fishing nets, buoys, broken timbers, heaps of bottle cap lids, washed in on the extreme western coastline.

Chapter 3 The Return

With a massive haul of marine rubbish safely stowed away ready for pick-up, the expeditioners were ready for the return home. With the weather favourable they took the Davis Point ‘jump up’ to get back up to the plateau, and my word it was crazy. The ‘jump up’ was full of rocks and had a small stream of water flowing through to make things even more challenging for the expeditioners. They all kept their heads down and pushed on, never looking down. They finally reached the summit and took one look back at what they had just conquered, before a smooth jumping high-five.

On return to station all expeditioners were welcomed by a Polaris parade. Many animals were out to greet the returning heroes. Petrels cleared the skies, while the elephant seals popped their heads up and opened their jaws wide in awe of the heroes of Macca. They had done it!

This is what went down at Macca this week, I thank you for your attention and as always tune in next week for another tale of Macca.

This is Alex and your friendly neighbourhood Macca crew.