Expeditioners get clever to create more space on their busy walls

All in a day's work

With wall space in the mess at a premium here at Macca, there was nowhere to hang this year’s team photo but, with a bit of re-shuffling, space was created for our photo and five more. I managed to find a home for a photo of Aurora Australis’ last departure from Macquarie Island (complete with an Aurora backdrop), on top of the dartboard where an obsolete phone connection box was located. This was right next to the darts scoreboard, which I made with Daniel Mizza back in 2016.

The picture frame, made from timbers from the mess roof which was blown off in the September storm, created interest from team members keen to place their photos on the walls of their workshop. On Saturday 13th February, I ran a picture frame and glass cutting workshop. The workshop coincided with quite a few field trips so the workshop turned into a private session with communications guru Troy. The day was a success, with frames completed for both the comms and the trade team photos. And all fingers stayed intact!

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