Creative carpentry on show

Playing with wood

Here on Macca we have an eclectic group of people, who bring many skills and expressions to light. Dropped on an island in the middle of the sub-Antarctic over the winter, people need to occupy themselves in any way they can.

This season, the carpenter’s workshop has become the epicentre of several people’s forms of occupying and expressing themselves. The carpenters, of course, are the go-to people for learning the practicality of shaping wood in many forms. Scottish, our boat builder, has turned his hand to many things. Like carving a whale from Huon pine and collaborating with our building services supervisor Con, to make pewter medallions, with Huon pine mounts for each of us at our Midwinter’s celebrations.

Jeff, the internet guy, has made our season patch, as well as his own designed wine cup, turned on the wood lathe. His current endeavour is making a parquet chair from scrap plywood.

Plant operator Alex has inspired Shelley, our Tasparks chief ranger, to turn a baseball bat with a hand engraved map of Macquarie Island. He has turned two of his own bats using the remains of old weathered red gum and a piece of Tassie oak. Not to mention the multiple cups, picture frames and a canoe oar with the Macquarie Island logo (hand painted). What a star!

Creativity is an important thing in a place such as this, and I would love to tell you about all the things people have created during my time down here, but there isn’t enough space in this station update to tell you everything. Enjoy the small slice of works I have provided for your entertainment on this Friday, that’s it for now.

Lewis (station sparky) and your friendly neighbourhood Macca Crew.