Refuel, resupply and International Women's Day

The 74th have landed!

I would love to talk about the journey into station but I spent the whole time in my bunk bed, even though from all reports the seas were excellent.

The day of arrival was amazing. From what we had heard about the weather at Macca, we had to double check that we had rocked up at the right island. The 73rd team were ecstatic to see us. Whether it was because they hadn’t seen another human in over 12 months, or because they knew home wasn’t far away, I’m still not sure. We had brief introductions then boom! We were into resupply.

We started bringing ashore all the cargo we would need for the next 12 months. Of course we took great care with all the chocolate cage pallets and food. The weather was again favourable, with just a small amount of rain hanging around.

The next day however, the weather did a total 180 and we were unable to do any operations. Everyone took a deep breath, and then the following day it was business as usual. We took a break from the cargo and it was time to bring in all the fuel. Under the watchful eye of the orcas coming through the bay, we began to setup for the refuelling. Everything went off without a hitch and by the early morning we were pumping fuel.

It is now Wednesday afternoon as I am writing this and we finished the whole Macca resupply no more than 30 minutes ago. The efforts by all were sensational and my new crew and I can take a massive sigh of relief and well-earned rest.

Until next week

Alex and the friendly neighbourhood Macca crew.

International Women's Day 2021

On 8th March we celebrated International Women's Day at Macquarie Island. In a global call to challenge boundaries and celebrate women in all aspects of science and the Australian Antarctic Program, seven women on Macca (& two legends on the ship) represented diversity and inclusion. For us, IWD is a vision to increase awareness and a space for women in the sub-Antarctic and the Antarctic and in all aspects of life, today and everyday. As voyage and station leaders, weather observers, water craft operators, field training officers and rangers we stand tall and proud to be welcoming role models for other women and young people, demonstrating you can be whatever you dream to be and there is space here for you.

Kim Kliska
Wildlife Ranger