Settling in to the new normal

Macca is ours

It’s now been a week since resupply for Macquarie Island was completed and it all still feels quite new and exciting. I have taken quite a lot of photos already and on viewing realise that I have mostly taken images of the wildlife, but I’ve also managed to get one decent image of the aurora australis, taken from the back of the MPH (Main Power House).

Along with International Women's Day, there was another very important day that passed last week on the 11th of March and that was World Plumber's Day. We were lucky enough to get 5 of the 6 plumbers on station during resupply. Fitzy was on the ship for refuelling so we were unable to retrieve him. Together we have accumulated over 150 years of plumbing experience between us! Probably even more than that if I did a full count of the years.

This week we have been going through our operational recess, which in practice means most day-to-day jobs are put on hold whilst we are put through station inductions and familiarisations. We also fully stand up our emergency response teams, which include Fire and Search and Rescue (SAR) and get equipped with field packs containing the essential equipment for us to take out into the field. It’s all part of the rhythm of life on station, preparing us to safely start operations.

Until next week,

Your friendly neighbourhood Macca crew