Photographers on island show off their images in the name of friendly competition

The Macca Penguin Photography Awards

Inspired by the need to encourage all the photographers on station to organise their 000s of photos for our yearbook, we held the inaugural Macca Penguin Photography Awards on Friday.

There were 5 wide and ambiguous categories that you could enter as many times as you liked:

    • BEST SHOT = Best photo overall of anything from your time at Macca
    • BEST POINT & SHOOT = Non-technical category for those without the fancy gear, of anything from your time at Macca
    • BEST OF ISLAND = Best scenery photo
    • BEST WILDLIFE = Best animal photo – could be air, land and/or seas
    • BEST WILD LIFE = Wildcard category, comedy or carnage, people and/or animal antics, anything that captures what it’s like to live on station/ island.

Winners were determined by popular vote on station, with a professional vote from the AAD media team.

The votes were counted meticulously by the station electoral officer, carpenter fix-it Joe, and the assistant electoral officer Doctor Mal, with Station Leader Finn on hand to be the bearer of the good news.

Over 100 photos were entered, most in the wildlife category.

The competition was tight and the stakes were high with the winners receiving the coveted wooden penguin awards, along with some sparkling wine and a couple of very rare Kit Kats.

The results were in. The best point & shoot was won by Alana our Senior Met Observer with a beautiful creative shot of kelp. Our Icy News editor and comms tech took out the other 4 awards: Best shot, best of Island, best wildlife and best wild life. He’s managed to see a lot of the island and enjoyed amazing interactions with wildlife. A couple of the wins are thanks to a Hooker's sea lion and a sacrificial penguin, showing the harsh reality of this place.

The bar is now set high and we hope this will inspires our photographers, and future expeditioners, to capture Macca.