Everything you never even knew you wanted to know about our great island

Macca FAQs

Are we allowed to visit?
Well, we would normally get visitors to the island from visiting tourist ships, allowing people to also enjoy the animals as much as we do. However, due to Covid that has been put on hold but stay tuned. Hopefully we will soon get you back to the island.

Are there polar bears?
No, there are no polar bears down this end of town. They normally like to spend their time in the northern hemisphere. Polar bears are found in five nations across the Arctic: the U.S. (Alaska), Canada, Russia, Greenland, and Norway (Svalbard).

What’s the weather like there?
Well the weather here is like Melbourne on steroids! We don’t get 4 seasons in one day, we get them all in an hour! Just today we had 40 knot winds with pouring rain, followed by hail, followed by snow, followed by beautiful sunshine and the wind dropping off. That is Macca!

How long are you there for?
The winter deployment is roughly about 12 months. In some cases it’s a bit shorter and then there is a summer only deployment which is even shorter still, roughly 3-4 months.

What’s the food like?
Well the food we have here is just as good as anything you have back home I reckon. I mean, granted, we can’t have fruits and all that kind of stuff, but we make do and still have some amazing meals prepped by the celebrity station chef Nick.

Can you bring me home a penguin?
Unfortunately due to various laws and animal rights I am not, and will never be, allowed to bring back a penguin, sorry!

Can you cuddle the animals?
We cannot cuddle the animals. As much as we talk about it, and would love to, this island is their home and we are co-existing with them. We have strict animal approach rules that allow us to enjoy the amazing animals, but also keep the animals happy and healthy in our presence. The animals will always dictate the experience, if they feel comfortable coming closer to inspect who or what you are, it is totally up to them.

How cold is it there?
It can get pretty damn cold down here. Maybe not as cold as the continent, but to be honest it feels colder! We can get down to around minus 10°C in the winter and up to about 10°C in the summer.

What time is it there?
The time here is the same time as Tasmania

Can you go swimming?
It's exceptionally cold, sooo I wouldn't!

What do you do at night?
Play pool or computer games, socialise, play darts, have dinner, go to gym, go for a run, go for a walk and of course, have a beer.

Is there a bar?
We do indeed have a bar for all our various social activities. It’s called ‘The Crabbe Inn’.

What do you do for fun?
We go walking down the island to see all the different parts of the place we live.

What do you do down there?
We undertake work on the existing station that we have here. There is lots and lots of maintenance to keep the station going for the following year.

How many people are down there?
This year we have 16 people for the winter.

Do you see icebergs?
I have not seen any this far north, but apparently they have been spotted before.

Do you see any planes?
I have not seen any this year. We have plenty birds in the air, so I might not notice a plane.

Do you get homesick?
I do get homesick, like any normal person would. It’s hard sometimes being isolated, even in a place as lovely as this!

Is there internet?
There is indeed internet, so we can enjoy some luxuries, such as Netflix (sometimes).

Any further questions please let me know and I will answer in due time!

That's it from us this week. Bye for now from your friendly neighbour Macca crew.