How lucky are we to be here?

Magnificent Macquarie Island

When friends and family ask me, “what is it like living and working on a sub-Antarctic Island?", the first thing that comes to mind is Magnificent and Magical. You really feel like you have gone back in time and living in a documentary or the Jurassic period, where wildlife is abundant and every photo you take is postcard quality.

This past week has seen us pass our half way mark on Macquarie Island. Half our year has gone and we have shared so many great moments and memories with the fantastic team we live and work with. Each day we feel very privileged and honoured to be experiencing this amazing Island.

We love watching how the seasons change and how fast the weather changes here too. People back home talk about 4 seasons in one day. Well, here on Macca we can have 4 seasons in one hour! Sunshine - rain - sleet - snow and then it starts all over again.

The wildlife, or our neighbours that we have become accustomed to, large Elephant seals and Gentoo penguins, give us so much entertainment and brighten our days. Especially now as spring has arrived and all the Gentoo penguins are busy building nests and finding partners. Some have even laid eggs and we wait in anticipation for their fluffy chicks to hatch out. Large adult male Elephant seals are holding their ground and soon we will see who the big beach masters will be.

Spring is definitely going to be a busy month with the Elephant seals giving birth and more wildlife returning to the island. Longer daylight and warmer temperatures will make it easier to keep exploring this magnificent and amazing island.

Working on Macca has its challenges with the wild weather and friendly wildlife. From huge Elephant seals blocking the road and penguins nesting around our construction site and station. But where in the world can you experience and absorb yourself in nature like this? I’m sure all my fellow expeditioners would agree. Every day we are a part of this magical sub-Antarctic Island and feel lucky to be here and call it home.

Conrad Willersdorf (Deputy Station Leader & Building Services Supervisor) and your friendly neighbourhood Macca Crew, Macquarie Island.