Accommodation options on the Green Sponge

Macquarie Island Field Huts

Often friends and family ask us, “Where do you stay when you are out exploring Macquarie Island?” “Do you have to camp in tents? Or do you have some luxuries from home?”

We are very lucky to have six small field huts, scattered throughout the island, which we can use for recreation trips, work trips and operational trips for the rangers to live in.

The huts are all different and offer their own charm and amazing views, with the ever-changing scenery of wildlife and weather we experience here on Macca.

The first hut, closest to station, is Bauer Bay hut. It’s situated on the west coast and is only 2hrs walk from station. This hut is a timber construction, clad in iron. It has its own store room (called a shang) alongside, to store and keep extra food and supplies throughout the year. Sleeps 4 people comfortably in bunk beds.

Brothers Points hut is the next stop when walking south on the island. It’s about a 3 ½ hrs walk from station. Positioned on top of a ridge looking down and along the beach to Sandy Bay, it is home to large king and royal penguin colonies. This hut is unique and often called a UFO or Googy Hut. It is made from fibreglass and round in shape. It has a timber cold porch connected to it, to store your packs and supplies. Sleeps 3 to 4 people and is one of my favourite huts.

Halfway down the Island, and on the east coast, is Green Gorge hut. It’s about a 4 ½ hrs walk from station. This hut is probably the most frequented hut on Macquarie Island. Great stop over on your way south or north to rest those sore legs and muscles, and recharge the batteries for the next day hiking. It has timber cabin construction with a tin roof. This hut has its own porch and veranda and a storage shed (shang) beside it. It is very warm and cosy inside and a great view along the beach to the king penguin colony. This hut also has one of the best outside bucket showers on the island, with a view to the ocean and neighbouring elephant seals watching you.

Davis Point hut is located on the west coast, two thirds of the way down the island. A good cross country walk from Green Gorge hut. This hut is made out of a water tank, with a timber cold porch attached to the side. Very cosy for 3 weary travellers, but after a big day hiking, it’s nice to warm up and cook a warm meal. Amazing views of the coastline and escapements that we travel. Sleeps 3, 2 more comfortably.

Waterfall Bay hut, is another one of our unique UFO/Googy huts on Macca. This hut has a timber cold porch attached to the side and has views looking along the east coast and is positioned amongst tussocks and featherbeds (swampy country). This hut is a short walk to Lusitania Bay, where there is a huge king penguin colony. It takes about 7 hrs from station, walking the overland track to get here.

The furthest and most challenging hut on Macquarie Island, is at Hurd Point, the southernmost point on Macca. Hurd Point hut was originally built to observe the southern auroras. Two buildings still stand and this has to be one of the most amazing and breathtaking places on the Island. Facing directly south and perched on the hill, it is surrounded by tussocks and the largest royal penguin colony. It normally takes 2 days to walk to Hurd Point hut, but some very fit and active expeditioners have done it in one day: 8hrs, 35km. Great effort. Hurd Point hut can sleep 4 people comfortably and has the largest kitchen and a beautiful viewing window that overlooks the Southern Ocean. A beach which is alive with Royal penguins and elephant seals at this time of the year.

All our huts are equipped with cooking and sleeping gear, lots of spare food, First Aid Kits, satellite phones, radio comms, 12 volt lighting and a generator.

The power source for the huts are known as RAPS (Remote Area Power Supply) units. This is a combination of a wind turbine and a solar panel, to charge a series of batteries. The generator is on standby if the batteries are low or if extra power is needed.

The field huts on Macquarie are a great place to relax and watch the world go by on this spectacular documentary that we live and work in. Immerse yourself in nature and the ever changing wildlife and weather we experience here on Macca.

From Conrad and your friendly neighbourhood Macca Team.