Words of wisdom from a newcomer

First impressions of Macca inspire poetry from our new sparkie

Into the Tasman is where you must go,
sail deep to the south where wild winds blow.
A small hidden island is what you might find,
and let me just tell you it’s one of a kind.

Made up entirely of earth’s ocean floor,
nothing like this has the world seen before.
So special a place it must be preserved,
a UNESCO listing is what it deserves.

Once upon shore, you will see why,
as flora and fauna capture the eye.
The beaches are grey, made of dark sands and stone,
the rocky outcrops stand tall like a throne.

Skua and petrel fly up so high,
but it is the albatross ruling the sky.
Leopards, sea lions, fur seal fill the bay,
elephants and wieners in bull kelp they play.

Rockhoppers and gentoo, royals galore,
but out of the penguins it’s the kings that stand tall.
Maybe that’s because you won’t find a tree,
just cushion plants, mosses and azorella by the sea.

Down on the isthmus a steep climb you’ll find,
up onto the plateau the view quite divine.
A trip around the island through trails that wind,
the jump ups and tussacks can be a real grind.

But the hard work pays off as you spy a field hut,
Bower Bay or Green Gorge, Hurd Point is a must.
But keep your wits about you and your attention specific,
for the weather turns fast here in the Pacific.

Sunshine and blue sky but the horizon is grey,
the wind picking up, a storm on it’s way.
But a bit of bad weather it won’t get me down,
a quick look out the window will fix up a frown.

For Macquarie Island is still rugged, wild and free,
its beauty and nature are perfect to me.
If this sounds appealing then come take the plunge,
enjoy a season at Macca, they call it 'the sponge'.

P.S. Don’t forget your gum boots!

From Cookie and your friendly neighbourhood Macca team