Field training underway at Macquarie Island

The field adventures of Conrad and Company.

Last week the 74th ANARE on Macquarie Island started there Field Training.

Finally the day had come for Conrad and Company (Billy,Shelly and Rob) to head out into the vast wilderness.

The excited expeditioners got to see and experience first hand what this amazing and extraordinary island has to offer. Under the guidance of the Field Training Officer Billy, they learnt how to read maps, navigate using a compass and GPS.

The first day started off well, with clear skies, sun shining and a spring in their boots. Up the hill from station they climbed and on to the Inland Lakes Track. As they traveled through the day, the landscape changed from tall tussles of grass, to wide open areas and fresh water lakes.

First night the eager adventurers stayed on the west coast at Bauer Bay. They were welcomed with a beautiful sub-antarctic sunset. Wildlife and scenery abundant.

You definitely have to stop and ponder: are we in a documentary or a movie scene?

Early start on the second day as the clouds came in and the fog laid low. Time to cross the island using all the skills we had acquired. Navigating our way to Brothers Bay on the east coast. Tonight’s accommodation is something out of this world. A round domed structure that looks like a UFO. Very comfortable and an amazing view along the east coastline.

After another great night camping out in the huts, the team was ready for the casual walk home, back to station VJM (radio ID) via the east coast. They were treated to all the amazing sites along the way, penguins and seals and the ever changing scenery and coastline.

This spectacular island, that we call home for the next year, has just given us a taste of what it offers and holds so much history, within its extreme beauty.

Looking forward to the year ahead and many more adventures.

Conrad Willersdorf and your friendly neighborhood Macca crew

BSS/DSL Macquarie Island