Midwinter’s dinner menu musings

An ode to fussy eaters

No greens for Scottish, and no carbs for Millsy

Coriander and curry are the devil, says Brownie

Give me everything, pipes up Billy

And me, says Kim, but don’t tell the hubby

No purple for Alex

Unless purple vegemite is a thing

No meat, says the Doc, though I’ll try everything.

No beef, says Shelley, the cattle baron

I’m vego, says Derek. OK, Karen

Same menu as Davis, requests Greg

Doesn’t want much, just an arm and a leg

No fish for Jeff, not even on Friday

Or yellow for Ray, didn’t have it in my day

Keep your vegan tripe, yells Layla

[Though espresso martini gets a hell-yeah!]

No kale for Lewis, damn hipster fad

And nothing but pineapple for Mr Conrad