The people who make the island a home

Meet the team

Guess what? It's story time again but this time I’m not going to tell you about the island, I’m going to tell you about my island family. I have managed to give everyone a nickname of my choosing. Whether they like them or not, I’m still unsure but here we go anyway...

Derek aka Big Daddy Rick

Let us start with the fearless leader, the man who laughs in the face of a snow drift or bad weather. Derek is the Station Leader at Macquarie Island and is very much at the top of his game, both in keeping a well-oiled station running, and in his endeavours to become a champion darts player.

Scottish aka Scottish

The gentle giant and possibly the best darts player I have ever seen (sorry Nick you beat me too many times). Scottish is a humble man and is very, very good at his craft (carpentry). He takes time to help all with any of our wood making projects and has a hand in pretty much any hobby project on station.

Hooray, its time for RayRay

The man with some of the best one liners that will leave you on the floor, such as "I can’t hear you I don’t have my glasses on". He is an amazing personality on station and I can’t think of doing Macca without RayRay.

Mr Brown aka Brownie

Besides being super helpful on station Mr Brown has become my unofficial photography teacher, imparting knowledge where he can. So I must accredit some of my aurora photos to Brownie. You'd better believe that if there is a cool animal on station, then Brownie with be right there taking some photos.

Kim aka Ranger Kim

Now this one is also deadly with a dart in her hand…but even more efficient in her role as Macquarie Island Ranger. Possibly even more knowledgeable than Google with the animals we have here on the Island. Arguably creating the 'trubbalubbing movement' (galumphing) was her triumph.

Nick the chef

Without doubt Nick has saved more lives than Superman ever did. This great man provides sustenance for all that are worthy to receive his meal. Food that will leave your top button stretched to the max and all the couches occupied for after meal comas. This man is also a great darts player and a humble and top quality human, even if he does go for Manchester United.

Billy aka Bilbo Baggins

Now people, this girl can walk, for days and days, literally. This woman is a very, very proud Kiwi and loves when it’s time for the rugby, cause everyone knows that NZ normally beats Australia. But Billy still likes to remind us. She is quality and is very knowledgeable about all the Search and Rescue (SAR) stuff and I am happy she introduced me to my first ever elephant seal wallow. Thanks Billy.

Conrad AKA ConDAD

The trades team leader... the man… the legend... the famous CONRAD. Well, famous in Woombye anyways. This man is possibly the nicest human on earth and that includes Ghandi. He comes from humble beginnings and is always happy to chat about anything, especially pineapples. That’s right people, no man knows more about pineapples than Conrad. He has just about everything on his property possibly even the UFO from Roswell. Will confirm later after my visit to Woombye.

Greg aka Stoney aka Hydrogen Hero

This man is a very intelligent man and is very well travelled. He is our Metereological Technician on station and really knows his stuff. He is an avid photographer and well seasoned on Macca, having visited the island before. His brain is a wealth of knowledge and he's always happy to have a chat about life and travel.

Lewis aka Big Daddy Firth

This man is the station sparky and has lived as many lives as there are grains of sand on the beach. The amount of countries he has lived in is no joke! He loves the gym and is famous for the 3.15pm on-the-dot coffees. With the amount of electrical work on station I am normally the one to help out Big Daddy Firth and secretly I know he loves it, even when he rolls his eyes. He is well skilled on the woodturning machine, and if you bug him enough he will eventually make a cup for you! Thanks Lewis.

Robert aka Doc Rob

Doctor Rob is well known for a few things, the first and foremost would be for his tropical t-shirts. He wears them for every occasion, which has now become a running joke. Japanese night, Hawaiian shirt... safari night, Hawaiian shirt...Thursday, Hawaiian shirt. Secondly, his trail walking pace is unbelievable. Within 20 minutes of calling off-station he is calling into Hurd Point hut. That's right people, Hurd Point!

Layla aka LaLa aka Balloon Master

This woman is one bubbly human, always seems to be happy and is secretly a master baker! Master at organisation and a huge wine connoisseur. I have never seen more fire in the eyes than when I poured red wine into my beer glass. Apparently it needs to be in a fresh clean wine glass…Who knew? She is a senior Bureau of Metereology Chief Queen person, which means she lets the balloons go to gather data to predict weather, and so far everything predicted has happened. CRAZY.

Shelley aka Chief

This woman is the chief, and the qualities of the chief are undeniable! She is one happy and friendly Ranger with a heart of gold! She loves her cheese and hates beef but has a cattle farm… huh what?! That’s right people. You can pretty much assume Shelley has never seen any movie, ever... Not Star Wars, not Matrix and until recently not even Lord of the Rings. With my help I will educate the chief and show her all the great things she has missed so far. But besides all that, Macca wouldn’t be the same without the chief mother looking after the island she loves so much.

Marc aka Millsy aka Thrillsy aka Brewchief Firemaster aka Machine Doctor

Now this man is my direct boss so everything I say is going to be 100 percent the truth, I promise. This man is worthy of knighthood, and if the Queen is reading this I think that she should listen to me. Millsy is a crazy intelligent man! Even for a man who has a bucket for a toilet on his large property back in Queensland. He knows more about machines than anyone I have met yet and is a super hard worker. He helps keep all the lights on and last of all he is my EXTRA JOSS BRO.

Jeff aka Jeffers

Jeff is the man who helps us keep in contact with all our families and friends back home. He keeps us all entertained with Netflix streaming and with all the sports we can watch on Foxtel. But besides keeping the internet and the comms going, Jeff is more than that. He makes one baller chicken pasta and above all that, he is a good man. Happy to help at a moment’s notice and always laughing. He is deadly on a computer, design and photography are his forte and boy, is he good! Our Macca logo was designed by Jeff. Talk about skill!

Well thank God for that, I got through them all and now that’s It. I’m not going to do a write-up on myself because as the curator I don’t have to!

That’s all I can muster up this week from Macca, so until next time this is Alex and your friendly neighbourhood Macca crew signing off.