The rhythm of life on station

It’s like living in Jurassic Park

We are a few months in to the season and I think it’s safe to say we have all found our rhythm in both work and play. People going off-station every weekend is becoming something of a ritual, and gee whiz it’s getting cold! We've been having snow showers every day for the last week with much of it sticking around, so at the moment Macca is our winter wonderland.

The elephant seals are coming ashore in numbers and they are making it very difficult to drive anywhere on station. Quite comical really. I'm not sure what they are doing but maybe they enjoy my singing down the isthmus daily.

The seismic project keeps ticking along and with Doc Rob at the helm of this ship I'm sure we won't falter. We managed to get one seismometer deployed last week, requiring a nice casual 17km hike in blistering winds…something like out of that movie Twister….ok, it wasn't quite that bad. Only three more to go and we can tick-off that job for the season.

Midwinter Day is slowly creeping up on us and we are currently going through all the invite options that we have. Soon every man and their dog will receive an invite to the biggest party of the year….GLOBALLY. We are looking at multiple celebrity guests for the night, they just don’t know it yet. But they will. This night, besides being amazing, is a significant milestone for us all. It is the shortest day of the year and is a marker for halfway through our adventure. Most importantly it starts to get warmer from that day… I hope.

My team completed our SAR (Search and Rescues) training last week and we are now ready for anything that arises, which is hopefully nothing. Ok, that’s it from me, time to get back to work! But before I do 3 quick shout outs back to Perth:

1: To all friends and family, miss ya all.

2: Happy birthday old man.

3. To my favourite Bajan.

This is Alex and his friendly neighbourhood Macca crew saying adios.