The preparation and fun of Midwinter celebrations

It's story time again

So it’s all over. Midwinter is done! We are all exhausted, and in food comas, after station celebrity chef Nick created something magical this time! Those duck tacos……oh boy! Ok I’m rambling now, time for a story!

This is the story of the Macca team and our Midwinter celebrations.

The day began with great promise, energy was high, spirits were lifted and everyone was up at the crack of dawn. We began with a beautiful breakfast followed by the mess preparations. Lights were hung from the ceiling, Lewis the sparky taking control of ‘Operation Fairy” with the simple task of hanging all the fairy lights that we could find. He took on the challenge with absolutely no complaints and accomplished the task in a timely fashion. Well done Lewis!

Next was the flags. We hung flags from every nation involved with the Antarctic Treaty, together with those involved with Antarctica. So many nations attended the Midwinter's celebrations and they didn’t even know it.

Once the mess was all set up, time was taken to don our VERY best outfits. Suits and lavish dresses were a popular choice, the expeditioners taking the time to get out of their muddy and dirt-covered work clothes, to completely transform into something you would see at the Monte Carlo casino. We were looking damn fine!

Immediately before sitting down for dinner we were all blessed with messages from family back home, which was nice to see. After wiping away some tears we were ready for a couple of drinks, before the dinner which would send us into a food coma.

Dinner began with a toast from our gracious Station Leader Derek and the ranger in charge, Shelley. We listened intently whilst our minds reflected on the year that has been so far. We have been through a lot and we are only halfway.

Here comes the food! Entrees, second entrees, mains and double mains (I got seconds), dessert and anything else that was put in front of us. It was destroyed post-haste and was amazing. The night continued with the exchange of homemade gifts that people work hard creating throughout the year . The doctor was very happy with his new coat rack, he wouldn’t stop going on about it. Smiles were on every face in the room. It was an epic moment.

We danced the night away and as for the rest? Well someone else will have to fill you in, as I made my bread and went to sleep early. I hope this small insight was enough to satisfy your appetite for the week that was at Macquarie Island.

Alex, the fabled storyteller and as always your friendly neighbourhood Macca crew.