Weddell seal pup

WARNING: may contain Weddell seal cuteness Read more

Sunlit bergs

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Aerial view of Aurora Australis in fast ice off Davis station

The Big Orange Taxi parks out front Read more

The Basler DC 3 landing on the sea ice with Davis station in the background.

The 71st Davis ANARE season comes to an end with the arrival of two planes… Read more

Cargo being delivered by parachute out the back of a C-17 RAAF aircraft.

Busy weeks at Davis with abundant wildlife returning to the area and an… Read more

The Davis mess area, normally for expeditioners to sit and enjoy meals full of pots, pans, cooking utensils, dry food.

This week Davis station received a spring clean following the long winter. Read more

Glenn standing next to the newly installed gas system on the side of the Apple hut.

This week one of our three plumbers reflects on a few of his many… Read more

Iceberg in the shape of a cat

A great weekend to go exploring Read more

Putting the whole grain through a small hand milling machine.

This week is about all grain beer brewing, and the kitchen creations by… Read more

Expeditioner wearing climbing harness at the base of the mast and looking up to the top

This week at Davis, good weather allowed Trev to climb a mast and perform… Read more

Woman jumping for joy in icy landscape

This week, our second group completed their traverse over to the Rauers. Read more

Aerial photo of the Sorsdal glacier with frozen sea ice and small rocky islands in the foreground.

This week Chris shows us the station and surrounding areas with photos… Read more

The crew standing along the side of the blue Hagglund vehicle, with big smiles and thumbs up, about to depart in the dark of early morning

This week covers the recent trip across the Sørsdal Glacier to the Rauer… Read more

A large section of the stainless steel prefabricated waste water treatment plant in the Waste water building.

The installation of the new secondary waste water treatment plant. Read more

The campground, with the red and blue Hägglunds vehicles parked on the left and fluorescent striped oval shaped Endurance tent is in the middle of the two orange Polar Dome tents on the right.

This week is about the second of two training camps required by… Read more

Red and pink Hägglunds vehicles on the sea ice with headlights on and the moon in the distant sky.

This week is about the first of two training camps required by… Read more

An ice burg locked in the sea ice that has a large hole weathered in the side.

This week talks about the windy weather we have been having and the effect… Read more

Pyramid shaped ice berg with a large hole trapped in the sea ice.

Kate takes us on a tour of the Vestfold Hills. Read more

Jason and Graham stopping to pose for a photo with their bikes on the sea ice with a sunset as the backdrop.

Two station electricians have a break from work and head out into the… Read more

Snow covered rocks and ice with cloudy sky and a sunshine recording instrument.

This week is about the sun and the moon cycles and a trip to Bandits hut. Read more

An early faded photograph of the men that established Davis station at the opening ceremony in 1957.

Davis history, future and a short meeting with an Antarctic legend. Read more

Group photo of station expeditioners all wearing Hawaiian shirts under the flag poles on a blue sky day with a red sun haze on the horizon.

This week is all about midwinter and what it means on station. Read more

Three expeditioners standing on top a small rocky hill which is surrounded by sea ice and snow.

This week’s news covers the long weekend field trip activities. Read more

Three expeditioners in the kitchen helping the slushy put the food away after the evening meal.

This week at Davis the station chef writes about the antics of the… Read more

Looking across the station at some of the multi-coloured Davis buildings

The week describes a basic rundown of station support systems and we get… Read more

Daniel standing with two Quad bikes before sunrise on the sea ice with shore in the distance

A week of science support at Davis Read more

Chris and Derryn soak in the sun and enjoy the views of ice burgs of in the distance.

Chris, Derryn and Jason spend an afternoon riding around the sea ice… Read more

Bright green aurora reflecting off a frozen freshwater lake with a star filled sky background.

This week at Davis has some past memories, spectacular natural phenomena… Read more

A Line up of Quad bikes with expeditioners standing behind them on the sea ice under clear blue skies.

This week at Davis, expeditioners underwent quad bike training that will… Read more

Expeditioners conducting the Anzac dawn service at the station flagpoles with the Australian, aboriginal and New Zealand flags at half-mast.

This week’s news is all about the station Anzac Day activities and what… Read more

Map showing the route taken drawn in with cyan colour marker.

Graham shares his three day hike through the Vestfold Hills. Read more

Looking over the bay in front of station at the new ice forming on cloudy day.

Drilling Davis Sea Ice Read more

Panoramic photo of the kitchen and mess are in the living quarters.

Terry’s work to repair the Hobart dishwasher and a day as slushy. Read more

Two people with back packs looking at snow covered hills and lake with a reflection image of the hill.

The Davis team partakes in on station training and an off station jolly. Read more

The bright red fire hagglunds vehicle driving up the hill towards the summer accommodation building.

At Davis the team has been kept busy with ongoing expeditioner training. Read more

Expeditioners in groups of 3 with a patient who is acting out an injury is rolled into a sleeping bag and onto a blue matt.

Station team undertake Search and Rescue training. Read more

Group of elephant seals all bunched up together sleeping surrounded with lightly snow covered ground.

Station settles in to winter operations. Read more

The end of season trades team photo taken on top of the scaffolding all dressed in their high vis work wear.

Winter is coming — the Aurora Australis has collected all the summering… Read more

A group at a dinner table

This week we have finished projects, been to the casino, enjoyed an… Read more

A cargo plane on the snow

This week we have operated lots of planes, painted and waterproofed… Read more

4 men repair a roof with icebergs in the distance

This week at Davis we have put boats on the water, been given water from… Read more

Two men stand in a tent with a drill.

This week we have completed ice core drilling, visited our neighbours and… Read more

Two people place an instrument on the snow.

This week at Davis we have continued our busy work program, welcomed a… Read more

People dressed as Santa, elves and reindeer

The last two weeks we have celebrated Christmas and New Year, worked on… Read more