The tanks first, grey wall panels held firmly in position by scaffolding

An update on infrastructure work and science happening at Davis Read more

A weddell seal pup and its mother lying on the grey sea ice

Some of the summer science at Davis Read more

A group of people wearing yellow and red lined up under the wing of a plane

The new team hits the ground running Read more

A man is standing on the sea ice in front of a yellow truck parked in front of a red icebreaker ship

It’s ‘go go go’ with the arrival of the Aurora Australis Read more

Sunlight at Davis Station

Highlights of the past, and those to come Read more

Davis Station snow groomers

Fresh faces arrive Read more

Davis station LQ clean up

Getting our house in order Read more

Pregnant Weddell seal in Long Fjord

Expeditioners supporting science Read more

Davis Station darts team

Many hands… Read more

Aurora and LIDAR beam

It’s all happening at Davis Read more

Blizzed Skid Steer Cat 297C in Antarctica

The season is turning… Read more

Aurora over the Davis ANARESAT

We find out what’s inside the massive golfball. Read more

Machinery starting up in Antarctica

Summer is coming, what does that mean? Read more

Quad bikes in Antarctica on sea ice

It’s time for some seal science Read more

Clearing snow roads in Antarctica

A new engine for the main powerhouse at Davis. Read more

Ace Lake Apple Davis Station

A work trip into the field Read more

Fish eye lens photo of Hägglunds interior

A tale of a weekend rec trip to see the sights at the top of the map. Read more

Blanche D'Anastasi sea snake research

Who inspires me? Read more

Davis Station signpost

Time for the online shopping to start Read more

Davis Whoop Whoop traverse crew

We head to Whoop Whoop Read more

Life at Davis Station

It isn’t all work on the icy continent… Read more

Davis Station science field support

One of the fun things we get to do is help support the field science. This… Read more

Davis Station Dry July

Embracing Dry July and Push-Up Challenge Read more

Davis Midwinter celebrations — swim

Celebrating the return of the sun Read more

Davis diesel fitter working on waste water decanter

Romance of the wastewater treatment plant Read more

Davis diesel mechanic in workshop

A little ray of sunshine… Read more

Field training Antarctica

Last sunset for a little while Read more

Bharati and Davis doctors at Davis Medical Quarters

An interview with Dr Meg Read more

Antarctic hydroponics

Yes mum, we're eating our greens Read more

Grease trap cleaning Antarctica

Getting your hands dirty Read more

Antarctic chef on sea ice

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Davis expedtioner family

A tribute to our families Read more

Davis Station Anzac dawn service

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Davis Station expedtioners walking in Vestfolds

Trekking through the Vestfold Hills Read more

Vestfolds Brewery door opening

'Vestfolds Brewery' Read more

World Met Day at Davis Station

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Antarctic plumber

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Davis Station trades workshop

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International Women’s Day

Davis station celebrates International Women’s Day by featuring their… Read more

Indian memorabilia

Visitors drop in Read more

Aurora Australis at Davis

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Erica AUV

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Sphinx Berg

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Low sun over foggy ice

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KOM Hunter

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Basler DC3

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Lego crane

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