A map showing a lake called Rubber Duck Lake

A long long time ago (well actually about 10 months ago) the Davis Ducks… Read more

Two young men and a woman taking a selfie and smiling

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A white device sits on a rock with snow in the background

Good morning everyone! Today’s instalment of Station News is brought to… Read more

Approaching Brookes Hut

“Do you get to leave the station?” I’ve found this to be a common question… Read more

Two men in yellow jackets and black beanies on the helideck of a ship, with sea ice in the background.

One year in Antarctica! Wow what an experience it has been so far! Read more

A cleared line of dark blue ice beneath white snow

A Boily's dream with just a little bit of Shakespeare Read more

Penguins running across the ice.

What began as a mere idea—applying for a position with the Australian… Read more

Water near Davis station

Another busy week at Davis as life gets progressively darker (and… Read more

Aerial view of Davis station a cluster of green, orange and red buildings in the snow.

In Antarctica it is easy to focus on what is in front of you and its many… Read more

A sunning green aurora australis over the shore and bay.

Today, we're tickling tomatoes. Monday evenings are my shift in the… Read more

Expeditioners sit around a table at Brookes Hut

We are at the part of our season when our summer crew, the animals and now… Read more

Big red and white ship on the sea ice

“Why would you want to do that?” and “Don’t you think you’re too old for… Read more

Penguins blocking the way

My first bike ride was along Dingle Road, a nice flat gravel road of… Read more

four figures in expeditioner gear on a snowy flat with rocks around

With less then a week to go before we get picked up, I’m leaving Davis… Read more


My ICT (Icy-Tea) Retrospective Read more

A man in orange high vis sits in a confined space with equipment.

Fitter and turner Murrie Hansen explains the scope of his work at Davis… Read more

Side view of an orange ship, breaking through thick sea ice.

Fifteen years of reflection – All this ice and still fresh water remains… Read more

A bar with bar stools and memorabilia on the while behind

As I sit here writing my Station News at the end of February with only… Read more

A man stands in the foreground of an icy landscape with a brown woolly cap on.

Before the journey to Antarctica, my grandfather flew to Hobart to give me… Read more

Dave speaking into a fixed radio set at the operations console

An interesting radio contact leads to American students learning about… Read more

40KG Cheese Wheel cut in half

Electrician Mark Cook tells a cheesy tale of life at Davis Station Read more

Expeditioner standing beside a tractor on the sea ice with Nuyina in the background

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Group of Adelie penguins with the Davis Warf hunt in distant background

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Two round red fibreglass huts and an oblong one sit on a rocky plain with snow in the background

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red hut set against rocky mountains

Hazchem specialist James Young recounts his epic journey of survival, best… Read more

Standing in front of Nuyina

"Is your wife pregnant?" was the first question posed. Remarkably, I said… Read more