Davis station news 2014

  • Tradesperson sitting on a chair facing a control panel

    This week at Davis: 19 December 2014

    This has been a great week at Davis: scientific experiments successfully completed, communication towers upgraded, patches of blue sky found amongst a sea of grey for flights to Casey, very solid progress on the Waste Water Treatment Plant, a textbook main power house shutdown, a reordered storehouse following resupply and a range of international visits and social events adding a splash of colour against the brown Vestfolds hills and the rapidly melting sea ice.

  • Tradesperson standing in front of a cement truck looking at the camera

    This week at Davis: 12 December 2014

    Davis station continues important site work, conducts an emergency medical drill, expeditioners receive tracked vehicle training and a new hut finds a home at Hop Island. Next week, results of the annual Davis table tennis tournament!

  • Tradesperson holding sledgehammer above formwork

    This week at Davis: 5 December 2014

    This week, under blue skies and warm sunshine (relatively speaking), the Davis team have forged ahead with their programming with infrastructure projects both on and off station, aviation operations to Beaver Lake, Mawson and Enderby Land, Sansom and Hop Islands and lakes in the station operating area. Science projects are ongoing, as are our weather observations, field trainings and station supply activities. This week the station farewelled our highly capable operations coordinator, Anthony Hull (Hully). The station wishes Hully the very best in his latest deployment within the AAD’s Antarctic programme.

  • red helicopter with a fitted cargo cage landing with a background of rocky landscape

    This week at Davis: 28 November 2014

    Greetings to everyone reading this at home. This week at Davis saw our expeditioners covering the sea, air and land around Davis on a variety of infrastructure projects, science experiments, aviation operations and field trainings. With 78 expeditioners on station including some transiting friends from Mawson, Davis station is full of activity. Now concluding our second full week here, the team is settling into a rhythm, a social committee is in full swing as is a range of friendly competitions. Next week sees the first installment of ‘Radio Davis'! Stay tuned with our warmest greetings. The Davis crew.

  • A bulldozer is loaded from the ice onto large icebreaker ship Aurora Australis for return to Australia

    This week at Davis: 21 November 2014

    After the hard work of resupply, this week has been a good opportunity for all those at Davis (long timers and new comers) to find their feet in their work roles and on the ice around station. This week weather has hampered flying but that hasn’t stopped us from getting down to business.

  • Aurora Australis parked up in the sea ice

    This week at Davis: 14 November 2014

    Davis station is very busy completing resupply this week but expeditioners take a moment to share a few photos.

  • Cartoon illustration promoting the station is open for business with a ship in the background

    This week at Davis: 7 November 2014

    Davis fills its pages with photos this week as new expeditioners arrive, including new station leader James Moloney.

  • Yellow Hägglunds parked up on the sea ice with a team of 2 attending to it

    This week at Davis: 31 October 2014

    An emergency response drill at Davis station means some colourful action plus tons of great pics including baby seals!

  • Cartoon illustration of a building on a lean

    This week at Davis: 24 October 2014

    Deep Lake requires a visit; and with the Aurora Australis on its way, Davis marks the end of winter.

  • Cartoon illustration of two vehicles ploughing a dollar sign in the sea ice

    This week at Davis: 17 October 2014

    A bumper issue after last week’s technical problems. It includes the 2014 winter team photo shoot, fire team training, field work, a birthday, and the welcome return of wildlife.

  • This week at Davis: 10 October 2014

    No news from Davis this week as the station has had some technical difficulties.

  • Groomer on the sea ice on driving along a cleared section of the ice

    This week at Davis: 3 October 2014

    Preparations are underway to clear a landing strip for planes at Davis station. In the field, unpredictable Antarctic conditions slow down science. Rob celebrates a stellar birthday and expeditioners share photos of some recent stunning sights.

  • Cartoon illustration of person slipping and sliding inside a fuel tank

    This week at Davis: 26 September 2014

    Nick’s cartoon depicts how to make a big work task fun, and a group of eight get stranded (safely) for a few extra days at the Rauers.

  • Cartoon illustration of a two hagglunds loaded up with all the modern cons

    This week at Davis: 19 September 2014

    Nick’s cartoon preludes the adventures of eight expeditioners who may have overpacked for their week away to Rauers. Also from Davis this week the fuel tanks get a clean and brilliant purple skies light up the night as auroras abound.

  • Cartoon illustration of a female in-front of a camera with a cardboard cut out of a penguin

    This week at Davis: 12 September 2014

    The lengths people go to at Davis to get a photo of the first summer penguin! Work and a pretty beautiful quad drive round out the news this week.

  • A sign saying no chicken products can be taken into the field

    This week at Davis: 5 September 2014

    This week at Davis, the weekly cartoon covers a serious issue, snaps from around station show the weekly work (and some fun), serious field training is conducted and expeditioners hold a medieval feast — castle included.

  • Sketch of a tent

    This week at Davis: 29 August 2014

    At Davis station, the winners are announced for the 48 Hour Antarctic Film Festival, plus expeditioners get out into the field for science and more.

  • Cartoon illustration of a man walking through a mountain of snow

    This week at Davis: 22 August 2014

    Science, a scenic traverse and a blizzard hits Davis.

  • Cartoon illustration of two expeditioners standing next to a strange looking piece of equipment

    This week at Davis: 15 August 2014

    From Davis station: science, data, radio training, and Weddell seals.

  • Two expeditioners walking towards a video camera in the kitchen

    This week at Davis: 8 August 2014

    It’s time again for the 48 Hour Antarctic Film Festival! Details on this and more including search and rescue training, and a field expedition.

  • Star Wars characters in a station made space ship

    This week at Davis: 1 August 2014

    “Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, a group of freedom fighters led by Luke Skywalker has established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth.” Davis station celebrates Star Wars plus stories on science and work, both on and off station.

  • Cartoon illustration of a tidy aisles and a person standing in the middle of a warehouse

    This week at Davis: 25 July 2014

    The majesty of Davis station is revealed as the sun returns from her hiatus. These photos are not to be missed!

  • Cartoon illustration of numerous people standing on each others’ shoulders to see the sun

    This week at Davis: 18 July 2014

    Collecting samples for science, annual stocktake, sightseeing, a ‘who’s who’ with one of the crew from Davis, and much more!

  • Cartoon illustration of a Hägglunds on the sea ice with numerous personal and scientific items left behind

    This week at Davis: 11 July 2014

    Lots of maintenance work at Davis this week, on station and out in the field, but also plenty of beautiful sunsets and scenery.

  • Expeditioner stilling on sea ice with science measuring instruments

    This week at Davis: 4 July 2014

    Despite the −30 degrees and the dark midwinter months, supporting our science projects is always top of mind. Also, one of the engines in our main power house decides to pack-it-in, and requires replacement.

  • Cartoon illustration showing a swimmer diving into a frozen icy pool

    This week at Davis: 27 June 2014

    Midwinters celebrations at Davis station including the big, icy ‘swim', food of course, presents and two birthdays.

  • Cartoon illustration of a bearded man with his legs crossed

    This week at Davis: 20 June 2014

    Preparations are underway at Davis for the annual midwinters celebrations, a continent-wide tradition.

  • Cartoon illustration of three expeditioners huddled around a torch light

    This week at Davis: 13 June 2014

    This week at Davis, we meet electrician Josh, do science in a tent two kilometres from station, and showcase recent field expeditions.

  • Cartoon illustration showing a poor rigging and an upside down stretcher

    This week at Davis: 6 June 2014

    Find out what Davis expeditioners get up to on and off the job, and see some stunning scenery and aurora images.

  • Cartoon illustration of a shadowy figure under the plants

    This week at Davis: 30 May 2014

    A six day blizzard leaves the station covered in snow. There are photos from the field, plus Saturday night with expeditioners in their very worst attire.

  • Cartoon illustration of two expeditioners dragging another expeditioner out of a building

    This week at Davis: 23 May 2014

    A proposal to set your heart on fire, as Corey pops the question to Sarah in one of the most picturesque ways possible. Read their story, and more, this week from Davis.

  • Cartoon illustration of elderly lady sprinting

    This week at Davis: 16 May 2014

    Turning 25 in Antarctica can be pretty special, even without a surprise party! Also at Davis, Hägglunds training and a chat with Craig, dieso and model enthusiast.

  • An illustration of two expeditioners showering with vehicles under hoses

    This week at Davis: 9 May 2014

    At Davis, big machines, little machines, outdoor adventure and science.

  • Cartoon illustration of expeditioners struggling to erect a soccer goal

    This week at Davis: 2 May 2014

    A bumper issue from Davis this week including ANZAC Day dawn service and other activities, aurora photos, quad biking and more.

  • cartoon illustration

    This week at Davis: 25 April 2014

    Easter and blizz hit Davis with equal intensity. Also, tune in to Pirate FM!

  • Cartoon illustration of three expeditioners mearing sea ice depths and 3 elephant seals watching close by

    This week at Davis: 11 April 2014

    From Davis we have the cartoon of the week, science, work and some stunning images. Also, meet Alyce!

  • Blind lizzard

    This week at Davis: 4 April 2014

    Cartoon of the week, a light dusting of snow, emergency response training, selfies, hippie culture invasion and more at Davis station.

  • cartoon illustration of expeditioner throwing boiling water into the air

    This week at Davis: 28 March 2014

    Temperatures drop and people start throwing boiling water in the air this week at Davis!

  • cartoon illustration showing an expectioner walking through deep snow drifts wearing a flag on her head

    This week at Davis: 21 March 2014

    At Davis station Webby celebrates something special, scientists plan lake sampling field work and sunsets are shared by man and beast alike.

  • Cartoon drawing of a large icy hill following a few trekkers

    This week at Davis: 14 March 2014

    Selfies, science, seals and more from Davis station this week.

  • cartoon drawing of an expeditioner ensuring everything that needs to be packed away for summer is

    This week at Davis: 7 March 2014

    Davis get surprised by the neighbours dropping in, life on a busy station and a sad tribute.

  • Cartoon illustration of an expeditioner driving an inflatable boat over a rock

    This week at Davis: 28 February 2014

    Science, seals and showing the new station leader round the traps.

  • cartoon illustration of the Aurora Australis in a washing basin

    This week at Davis: 21 February 2014

    Saying goodby to the summer crew, visitors from our neighbouring stations and some classic bergs.

  • Photo of sixty new expeditioners which is the entire summer crew.

    This week at Davis: 14 February 2014

    100 days of summer

  • Group of expeditioners watching a dart game

    This week at Davis: 7 February 2014

    The beautiful handiwork of the terribly clever folk at Davis.

  • A cartoon of a man sitting on a reptile

    This week at Davis: 31 January 2014

    A new cryptic cartoon from Davis, Australia Day celebrations and a field training exercise in travel.

  • Photo of a dentist chair in the Davis medical facility

    This week at Davis: 24 January 2014

    This week at Davis, tour the medical facilities, see expeditioners complete extreme fire training, the band plays on and Casey challenges Davis in the KBA Cup.

  • A cartoon of elephant seals swimming in the water

    This week at Davis: 17 January 2014

    Davis summer continues with Search and Rescue training and visits from the neighbours. And Nick’s cartoons!

  • Two expeditioners standing next to a drum crusher

    This week at Davis: 10 January 2014

    A new year but work continues at Davis