Davis sign-post with elephant seal

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Dead Weddell seal near Gardner Island

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Potatoes at Davis after one year

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Adam Christensen drilling the sea ice

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First day grooming Plough Island skiway

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Fata Morgana on the horizon from Filla Island

This week Davis bade a sad farewell to two winterers and two planes… Read more

Basler JKB coming in to land at Davis

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An Adelie penguin shows off

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Jan Wallace at Davis 2012

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Tom Luttrell at Davis 2012

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Flags at Davis — no wind

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Adam working on the automatic weather station at Kazak Island

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Aubergine with eyes and mouth at Davis

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Sunset in November — Davis 2011

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Jan Wallace raising the flag at Davis

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Nick Chang’s thesis cake at Davis 2012

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Man playing darts

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LIDAR operation at Davis 2012

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First tomato from hydroponics 2012

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Hagglund on sea ice

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Scenic shot of sunrise 2012 Davis

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Aurora under the light of the full moon

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Colour in the sky at Davis 2012

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Brigid Dwyer in chef gear at Davis 2012

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Winter colours in the Vestfold Hills 2012

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Fish eye lens photo of the inside of a Hagg in winter at Davis 2012

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Davis sunset in April

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Biggest Morning Tea banner

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Davis Murder Mystery Night 2012

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Aurora at Bandit’s hut

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Aurora above Davis

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Snowflakes at Davis

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Sunrise at Davis Anzac Day 2012 — sunrise behind army hat

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Groups photo Davis wintering team 2012

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Leaving Davis by helicopter for training exercise.

Lots of snow and Easter Eggs at Davis Read more

AGSOs in Lake Stinear recovering old science gear

Performance review time, the Aurora Australis’ arrival and departure (and… Read more

Neil Adams

A sad day for Antarctic Meteorology, cleaning up the back yard, and our… Read more

Elephant seal with tag under Davis welcome sign

More trips to the Larsemanns, countdown to the ship’s arrival, elephant… Read more

Davis Master-chef Competition — Craig and ray testing the batter

Visitors, Visiting, Sport, Science and Food. Variety is the spice of life… Read more

Elephant seal with CTD on head.

The techs keep it ticking, the AGSOs and the Drums, auroras, and a new… Read more

The beginning of the piñata with people and a ball of papier mache

At Davis this week: Arts ‘n’ Crafts, Mexican banquets, and rock… Read more

Giant petrel and Wilsons storm petrels feeding.

Some Work and Some Play at Davis this week including a myriad of bird… Read more

Czerny Turner Spectrometer looks like a coputer hard drive with even more equipemtn attached and has been measuring the temperature of the hydroxyl layer above Davis since 1993.

This summer Davis has struggled to live up to its moniker ‘The Riviera of… Read more

Davis wharf repairs being carried out with Cliff and Cyril drilling into rock.

The new Davis wharf takes shape, venturing into the Vestfold Hills and… Read more

Well-fed elephant seal ready to moult

Return of the big, fat Elephant Seals, a visit to the Prince Charles… Read more

Adelie penguins iceberg cruise near Davis Station

A lot has happened in the first week of the Year of the Black Water Dragon… Read more

Scott and team at the South Pole.

Davis mark an historical week, an expeditioner exchange, various… Read more

Sea ice leaving Davis

As the sea ice disappears the wildlife arrives. Read more

Tomatoes going strong in Hydroponics

Davis celebrates, grows vegetables, makes fresh water, erects a climbing… Read more