The trip south to Davis in pictures including stunning glimpses of birds and ‘bergs.

Trip south — the wonderful wildlife

The trip south to Davis on the Aurora Australis this year was relatively smooth, by Southern Ocean standards, with great weather for photography. For one expeditioner (nickname: Horse and a photography tragic) the trip presented an opportunity of a life time. The wildlife that followed the ship was outstanding, especially the birds. Royal, wandering, black-browed and sooty albatross along with Antarctic, cape, giant and snow petrels. This week’s edition of the station news highlights some of Horse’s favourite photographs of the journey.


As always, the icebergs did not disappoint. Horse was again able to capture their awesome beauty. Horse’s skill with the camera has put him in great demand for advice from his fellow expeditioners. He is very happy to share his skills with others.

Davis at last

After nearly two weeks on board the ship, we finally arrived at Davis. Excitement was paramount as Davis finally came into view with many of the expeditioners standing on the deck and braving the cold as the ship slowly tracked its way through the icebergs to Davis.

Stretching the legs

After so long on the ship, hikers have been keen to get out and stretch their legs with a number of groups heading up to Law Cairn (via Dingle Road) and Marchant’s Landing. An early morning or late afternoon stroll are proving to be quite popular. This does not include all the travel and survival training which still needs to be undertaken.