Photo of the tower erected on the glacier, with a helicopter flying overhead, and four people working.

This week has been busy: conducting fieldwork on the Sørsdal Glacier… Read more

A expeditioner sitting on a rock with the Adélie penguin across her lap, while Anna is gluing a satellite tracker onto the pneugins lower back. The penguin colony is behind them.

It’s been a busy week of field training, seabird ecology and spring… Read more

Hägglunds about to drive past a blue iceberg stuck in the sea ice.

After our station handover last Friday night we underwent a change of… Read more

A room in the sleeping quarters at Davis all ready for a new arrival

This week at Davis the weather tells us it is summer, the ships arrival… Read more

A young weddell seal pup yawning

This week we take a last look at Platcha, prepare for the ship and say… Read more

The freshly drag-beamed skiway on the sea ice at Davis

This week at Davis we cleaned up the kitchen, opened the skiway and… Read more

A quad bike in front of Watts hut in the Vestfold Hills

Out and about in the Vestfold Hills and winter music making at Davis this… Read more

Adelie pengiuns on the sea ice returning to their breeding grounds on the islands off Davis

This week at Davis the wildlife returns, we visit Trajer Ridge and we… Read more

An expeditioner with two quad bikes on the sea ice

At Davis this week we see the first Weddell seal pup, reflect on a year… Read more

A picture of a Hägglunds painted pink to illustrate what a pink Hagg might look like. This one is depicted on the blue ice of the East Antarctic ice sheet to the south of Davis.

At Davis we are thinking pink, measuring sea ice and snow depth, plus… Read more

The coldest temperature for September at Davis

Davis firsts, penumbral lunar eclipse and a mountain of snow to move this… Read more

Hawker Island camera trained on Hawker Island giant petrel colony

At Davis this week we visit Hawker Island and travel to the plateau where… Read more

A broken washing machine in the SMQ laundry at Davis

This week we find out what the problem was with the washing machine, Dr… Read more

Jen Proudfoot on the sea ice with iceberg backdrop

A trip around the huts, out to Magnetic Island and a birthday celebrated… Read more

Davis Station with the aurora australis in the skies above on Monday night

Auroras and icebergs at Davis this week. Read more

Ali Dean, Aaron Stanely and Ladge Kviz on the small screen chatting with the children from Wallerawang Public School

This week at Davis some of us talked to school children, visited nearby… Read more

Vas Georgiou laughing in the Trajer Ridge melon

This week, two thirds of the station head off for the weekend, we spot… Read more

The bright lighting in the Main Power House

This week at Davis we have light in the darkness, frozen lakes and… Read more

The ten members of Team Davis at the start of our ‘Walk to the South Pole’ during July

This week Davis makes it to the South Pole, listens to tunes and studies… Read more

A view looking into the frozen Lichen Lake in the Vestfold Hills

This week at Davis three went on an adventure, damage to the antenna array… Read more

The sun hovering one degree above the horizon

This week at Davis we weather a blizzard at Woop Woop, the sun really does… Read more

Davis expeditioners out to welcome back the sun on Sunday 10th July 2016

This week at Davis we clear the snow away, play the game, and cast our… Read more

BIM model of the new Davis Hydroponics building

This week we get an update on the new hydroponics facility, celebrate… Read more

A view from on a quad bike looking out across the sea ice on the way to Deep Lake via Weddell Arm

This week at Davis we have measured Deep Lake levels, we've been getting… Read more

Michael Goldstein shows his ‘other’ skills in the kitchen assisting Lesley our chef with Midwinter feasting preparations

It was all about midwinter at Davis this week. Read more

Chris Burns and Vas Georgiou cutting ice with a chainsaw

As the dark takes over at Davis we open the Davis Blizz Bar, we visit… Read more

The last sunset at Davis Station 1:58pm 2nd June

This week we said goodbye to the sun, watched auroras, had fun in the… Read more

The infrastructure for the Davis skiway lined up to weather the winter up at Woop Woop on the plateau

A busy week at Davis as we head off station to retrieve quads and a… Read more

The Haggs and Loader on the beach setting up for our smoko outside for MS

As it gets darker at Davis we eat cupcakes to raise awareness about MS… Read more

After finding Vas as part of a SAR exercise on station the second exercise was to get him out of the basement and into the surgery as this image shows

At Davis this week the surgical team practise their skills, we look at… Read more

View from the Hägglunds of the sea ice recovery system set up, with Jen Proudfoot pulling the tifor handle to winch the Hägglunds in a recovery exercise at Davis station

At Davis this week we are training to drive the Hägglunds; the nights are… Read more

Seat on the balcony at Davis topped with fresh snow that then has ‘Davis Station 2016 Winter’ written on it

Aaron tries to capture winter, Scott shows what a team effort can… Read more

The members of the 69th ANARE beneath the flagpoles at the Davis Dawn Service on ANZAC Day

This week Davis commemorates ANZAC Day, samples the Doc’s specialties… Read more

Expeditioner enjoying a piece of ice cream cake

At Davis we prepare vehicles for winter, make electricity and then take… Read more

Scott Visser on Dingle Rd ready to assist to unload equipment on the back of the ute, part of the new Heidemann Valley AWS

At Davis we celebrated with cakes galore, climbed a mast to check the… Read more

A pair of summer sorrells with spiked chains on sock covered legs

At Davis, the elephant seals are leaving, we test the sea ice thickness… Read more

Two female and three male expeditioners making marshmallows in a stainless steel commercial kitchen. One man is dressed as a penguin.

At Davis this week: Easter celebrations, we acknowledge the water makers… Read more

A flock of south polar skuas on the shore in front of Davis Station

This week at Davis we observe the last summer skua, witness some awesome… Read more

The beginning of sea ice formation at Davis 2016 — grease ice and brash ice in the bay in front oft the station on the 8th of March. An IRB in the water travelling out to the Chinese ship with passengers Jenn McGhee and Sharon Labudda.

This week at Davis, the winter team comes together, the sea ice forms… Read more

The Chinese ship the Xue Long sails amongst the many icebergs of the coast from Davis Station

This week Davis says goodbye to friends, leaving the winter crew to watch… Read more

James Hamilton leading a group of expeditioners through the Vestfold Hills

This week at Davis we revive our senses, undertake survival training in… Read more

Three pairs of frozen jeans displayed as if being worn on the deck at Davis

At Davis this week we have an art installation composed of frozen pants… Read more

Elephant seal with CTD-SRDL device fitted, CTD-SRDL device found, and map of the Vestfold Hills showing deployment and recovery site

At Davis this week a seal tag returns, two hut visits, two birthdays and… Read more

A US C-130 at Wilkins runway ready to depart for Davis Station

This week at Davis we welcome new arrivals, celebrate a birthday, clean… Read more

A stack of six tinned pies commonly eaten in the Antarctic before cooking

The humble Aussie pie is explored this week at Davis. Field hut trips… Read more

Seven expeditioners pose for a photo at Davis

International visitors to Davis station see old friends return, money is… Read more

A flying helicopter photo taken from another aircraft

Vale David Wood, helicopter pilot, colleague and friend. Read more

two large external water tanks

A poem, vital water management and seabird research at Davis. Read more

A pair of skua birds sitting on a rock

Davis station reports on holiday happenings and the great journey of a… Read more