The station doctor making a croissant pastry

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The Indonesian President siting at a desk signing a plaque

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Large group of people in fire fighting gear pose together in front of a fire truck

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Expeditioners gathered outside a building playing games and talking

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Two expeditioners standing in an empty storehouse

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Expeditioner standing back to camera with sea ice in background

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Expeditioner facing camera with screwdriver in his mouth

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Expeditioner seated on a white bucket facing an electronics control board

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Expeditioner kneeling on a mat in the snow

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Industrial scene showing pipework and a black switchboard

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An excavator clears snow in foreground with a large green building in background

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Equipment being carried on a pallet by a forklift

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Group of expeditioners sitting around the bar smiling at camera

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Expeditioner standing shovel in hand next to a water pump and generator with a green building in the background

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Wind whipping up snow on the sea ice in front of the station.

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Expeditioner kneeling behind a metal brace for electrical wiring.

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Expeditioner standing on steps of a green building with a JCB digger raising a cage pallet of food supplies.

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Rocky outcrop on Kazak Island with tracked vehicle in background

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Still frame from YouTube depicting a ‘mysterious light’ on the Davis webcam

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Parked trucks in foreground with sun rising low over the horizon in background

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Expeditioner holding a spreadsheet surrounded by electronics stock

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New furniture within the living quarters bedrooms

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Silhouette shot of station from out on the sea ice

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Expeditioner standing on a ladder inside a ring main unit

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Expeditioner standing on mezzanine silver soldering

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Remote camp with a series of modules spaced evenly in a line on ice

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Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags flying at Davis

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A large wave of snow leeping off an outlying power building on station

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Expeditioners conducting fire checks in the green supply store

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expeditioner photographed standing beside ducting

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Expeditioner assists another with breathing apparatus during a fire drill

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Expeditioners photographed inside a snow plenum

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Two expeditioners standing above a septic tank

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Expeditioner throwing a snowball from off the back of the living quarters

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Two expeditioners, rocky terrain in background pose for photograph

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Large orange ice breaker ship in foreground. snow covered island in rear

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Expeditioners shake hands in foreground with resupply ship in background

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Red helicopter in foreground. Scientific instruments on ice shelf in background

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Two expeditioners walking towards a lake

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Fresh snowfall on lakes and hills surrounding the station

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Picture of the structure of a NASA high altitude radio wave antenna embedded in snow

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Tradesmen working on a section of pipe into a large green waste treatment building

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C130 Cargo Aircraft approaching to land on ice ski landing area

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Tradesmen cutting copper pipe with reciprocating saw

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Tradesmen working on a concrete slab

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Davis expeditioners gathered facing camera

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Tradesmen smiling at camera next to internal pipe work

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