As the snows fall around us and the wind occasionally howls, the team take part in a station auction and quiz night, look to the night skies, send some very engaging government Tweets and get down to the work of projects, maintenance, stocktakes and science.

After some heavy snow fall

Over this last week the station has experienced some days of strong winds and blowing snows; on other days a heavy fall of snow that has blanketed much of the station’s infrastructure and created new features to be negotiated as we make our way around station, excavating access paths where possible. The weather models suggest more to come. Those old timers on station who've wintered before at Davis say they've never seen so much of the white stuff as this.

Around station

In spite of the wind and snow, the crew have cracked on with another week’s worth of stocktaking, maintenance and construction projects, meteorological observations, spring cleaning and, since Wednesday, the draining of hyper-saline water from the tarn in preparation for a refill prior to the arrival of the summer team.

Auction and quiz night

Last Saturday night the station celebrated Dono’s birthday. Everyone gathered in the mess to wish him a happy birthday, with a cake made by our chef, before settling in to commence an auction of some surplus liquor (the proceeds of which will be used to settle the tab with the original owner and a significant portion of the balance going to a children’s charity).

The auction was presided over by chief auctioneer, Mr David B, who roused both laughter and benevolence from the crowd of bidders before passing the microphone to the Birdman. Having already established his quiz credentials on Macquarie Island, the Birdman put our knowledge of trivia to the test with a scrupulously timed 10-round quiz, well received by all in attendance — particularly the winning team.

Up above us

Thanks this week go to Chris G and Sealy for their brilliant night shots of the skies above Davis. Particular mention must be made of Sealy’s shot, which was featured and ranked in the top five most engaging government Tweets of the day!