A cyclist rides on the ice.

This week we have started to deploy a deep field drilling camp, done lots… Read more

A group remove a patient on a stretcher from a helicopter.

This week at Davis we have trained for emergency response and field… Read more

Black and white photo of people sitting on top of, and leaning back on, a tracked snow vehicle.

This week at Davis we completed resupply and changeover, worked in the… Read more

Four people standing outside next to a sign holding a taekwondo class

This week at Davis we're farewelling the penguins and commencing resupply… Read more

The pilots, Doug and Jeff, check the Twin Otter’s wing tie downs. Blizz covers the plane’s skis.

This week at Davis we flew to Mawson, cleaned the station and got the… Read more

A man playing a bass guitar.

The last fortnight at Davis has been busy with recreational field trips… Read more

Hut maintenance Team two at Crooked Lake Apple: Rhys, Tony, Rob, Kerryn, Barry B2 and Barry B1.

This week at Davis we're giving our field huts their annual maintenance… Read more

The dark grey sky and flat light bring out the pastel blues of the icebergs. This berg also has a jade stripe and a cave.

This week at Davis we're exploring the icebergs in interesting light… Read more

Moonlit snow under a starry sky with a weak aurora by the satellite dome.

This week at Davis we're enjoying the night, trips out into the field and… Read more

A building in a blizzard, very limited vision.

This week at Davis we're getting out to the field huts, processing cargo… Read more

Sharky is holding a two metre long drill to take an ice core at a flagged post. Kirsten is holding the tape measure.

This week at Davis we had our first ever airdrop. Both an exciting… Read more

The pink Hägg, travelling in sunshine over sea ice down Crooked Fjord. The Sørsdal Glacier is seen to the right of the fjord.

This week at Davis we're enjoying the best auroras of the year and… Read more

View from the back seat of a Hägg. On route to the campsite; crossing from Ellis Fjord onto Lake Druzhby.

This week at Davis we're clearing snow, measuring sea ice thickness, going… Read more

Bryce with a bogged loader while trying to clear snow.

This week at Davis we're clearing our snow dunes, celebrating spring… Read more

A massive snow dune exists in front of the living quarters building.

This week at Davis we're still being hammered by blizzards, but we are… Read more

The Hägg is seen parked on the snow in front of the SMQ building. Ropes are strung out from the front of the vehicle as a rescue system. People are standing around working on the rope work.

This week at Davis we're practicing patient retrievals, experiencing more… Read more

Kerryn plays curling in the Green store.

This week at Davis we're having fun curling, making a film for the… Read more

Ice on the window that has patterns that make it look like a fern or flower.

This week at Davis we're taking back our station after the last blizzard… Read more

Blizz tails now extend from the buildings right down to the water’s edge.

This week we're enjoying the blizz tails around station and a visit from… Read more

Delicious Japanese ramen dinner, in a bowl on a red table cloth.

This week at Davis we're enjoying another blizzard and visiting Wilkin’s… Read more

Two Hägg’s headlights reveal people standing on the sea-ice. This is early on in the trip, when it is dark and very cold.

This week at Davis we're celebrating birthdays, visiting the plateau… Read more

The blizz tail outside the LQ on the weekend.

This week at Davis we're enjoying the recent powder snow, visiting Platcha… Read more

Group photo by the icy water pool.

This week at Davis we're still savouring the midwinter celebration and… Read more

Sharky is in his TaeKwon-Do uniform, striking a pose at Bandits. In the background are icebergs and the Antarctic Plateau.

This week at Davis, Sharky holds a TaeKwon-Do grading on station and we… Read more

A grounded blue-striped iceberg on route to Watts hut.

This week at Davis we're photographing the frozen lakes, looking at other… Read more

Barry (B1) is lying on the lake ice taking photos of the cracks in the ice. You can see a couple of quad bikes parked on the ice as well. Behind B1 are the Vestfold Hills and twilight skies.

This week at Davis we're visiting frozen lakes, servicing penguin… Read more

Bryce and Fitzy are holding the aboriginal flag in front on the Living Quarters building. Bryce is in Richmond gear while Fitzy is wearing Essendon gear.

This week at Davis we're enjoying the Dreamtime at the G footy match for… Read more

Learning about the recovery equipment carried on each Hägg.

This week at Davis we had Hägglunds recovery training, enjoyed a prolonged… Read more

Patient X with a bag of popcorn after his dental work.

This week at Davis we celebrated a couple of birthdays and experienced a… Read more

Ralph is sitting in a deck chair, on the snow at Marchant’s Landing.

This week at Davis we're learning about Ralph’s insights, visiting Platcha… Read more

A green and magenta aurora is over the Living Quarters and Operations buildings.

This week at Davis we are enjoying the auroras, experiencing our first… Read more

The Australian, New Zealand and Aboriginal flags are raised for ANZAC Day.

This week at Davis we're having a memorable ANZAC Day, visiting Brookes… Read more

Rhys is in the kitchen, wearing an apron, kneading his hotcross bun dough out on the bench.

This week at Davis we're enjoying Easter, getting out on the sea ice… Read more

Two expeditioners in bright orange dry suits out on the sea ice. The pink Hägg and an expeditioner are on shore as the support system.

This week at Davis we're testing the sea ice in front of station, gaining… Read more

Daleen is wearing a blue puffer jacket, smiling at the camera. Sea-ice is in the background.

This week at Davis we look back at some Amery ice shelf work conducted in… Read more

A view from the top of The Lookout. There are brown hills amongst the ice, with colourful buildings in the distance. Behind the station are icebergs on the horizon.

This week at Davis we've visited the medical clinic on station, walked to… Read more

Bryce, and electrician, and Shoey, a plumber, are seen working on the electronics and plumbing systems in the growing channels of the hydroponic chambers. Everything is new and built from scratch.

This week at Davis we've had a kitchen makeover, planted our hydroponics… Read more

Tony is in the workshop, wearing a protective suit and a breathing mask

With the ship leaving last week, we're in our first week of winter. As a… Read more

three people dressed in their yellow outer shells with ski googles. They are standing on the Wilkin’s skiway with the Hercules in the background.

This week we finished our summer science programs, winterised Woop Woop… Read more

A male southern elephant seal lies on the beach having just emerged from the water. He is here to moult.

This week at Davis we're wrapping up science projects and the ship has… Read more

The nine members of the SAR team: Sharky, Lotter, Rhys, Shoey, Fitzy, Bryce, Tony, Marc & Jock.

This week at Davis we've been finishing off our search and rescue… Read more

Military personnel, are standing inside the Hercules as it travels to Antarctica.

This week at Davis we have the ABC in town, we're doing deep field work on… Read more

A photo from ground level of the corrugations in the skiway surface, from being groomed.

This week at Davis we’ve been very aviation focused with a Hercules coming… Read more

A man is seen unpacking a bundle of long wooden planks. Behind him is the icy Trajer Ridge.

It has been another big week at Davis with trips out into the deep field… Read more

Nick and Marcello are sitting on the ground, studying rocks.

This week at Davis we've hauled cable for infrasound, been out studying… Read more

Two boats tied up at the wharf. Both boats are named after people: the Howard Burton and ASV Wyatt Earp.

This week we celebrate 60 years of Davis, opening of the boating season… Read more

A sprinkler on a ceiling is releasing a very fine mist of spray.

It’s been a busy two weeks. This included an appearance from Father… Read more