Ship stationary in 1.6 metres of solid ice

Davis resupply and the return of the cartoon master. Read more

Snow and ice on the ship due to cold weather

The Voyage to Davis (Part II) Read more

Expeditioners boarding the Aurora Australis

The voyage to Davis (Part I) Read more

The Basler aircraft flying towards the runway to have a look at the landing surface

Still here at Davis, but fresh faces are arriving. Read more

The Davis winter crew having some fun while attempting to get the official winter photo earlier in the season

Where has the year gone? Read more

The red Hägglunds vehicle towing the blue Hagg and van on the sea ice

A trip to the Rauers & spring in the Vestfolds Read more

Scenery photo of the Ingrid Christensen coast line

Almost time! Read more

The blue Hägglunds vehicle towing a sled with it headlights on in the early hours of the morning

Time to get right off station Read more

The brightly painted Aurora Australis parked up on the sea ice in front of the station with a vehicle travailing on the ice in the foreground

Looking back on lots of good times at Davis Read more

A lightly snow covered jade ice berg under the moon light on a very clear night

Icebergs and sunshine and what makes the station tick. Read more

The stations communication satellite dome and operations building in poor weather conditions

VLZ Davis, VLZ Davis Comms team steals the airways again this week and… Read more

Aaron and Tim standing at table constructing balsa aircraft

Home, work and away: In the Vestfold Hills and other amazing places Read more

Expeditioners on the sea ice on quads with sunrise and Davis Station in the background

Antarctica, bringing out the best in us Read more

Photo of the dedication plaque mounted on the wall of the building

A view of Davis medical facilities, Trajer melon and classic auroras. Read more

Red quad bike parked on the sea ice with the enormous glacier wall in the background

This week at Davis — a weekend away. Read more

Expeditioners line up for a hearty cooked breakfast before heading out into the cold to film

Direct from the cutting room floorWritten and edited by Richard… Read more

A large ice berg stuck in the fast ice in the distance with a quad bike and rider in the foreground

Snow, Sun and Bergs Read more

Attempt to capture the minimal visibility in a blizzard with the front door of the Living Quarters only two metres away

Confined to indoors, as well as the continent! Read more

The blue and yellow Hägglunds parked close to each other with the frozen fjord in the background

No rest for the wicked Read more

Observer wearing protective attire releasing an 800gm balloon with radiosonde, green Aurora Australis in the background

Measuring the atmosphere, the depths, the sun and time Read more

The meteorology hut sits on the right with a blue and gold twilight sky behind.

Midwinter has passed, but don’t rush the sun! Read more

Starting to cut the ice hole for the swim

Midwinter festivities including dinner and a swim. Read more

Watts hut sign mounted on the external wall of the hut

A jolly time at Davis featuring two field expeditions and one very pretty… Read more

Snow covering the walking deck

Tim’s week at Davis featuring pesky blizz, the disappearance of the sun… Read more

Expeditioner drilling hole in the sea ice with Hägglunds vehicle and station in the background

It’s all about the Hägglunds at Davis station! These large, over-snow… Read more

Expeditioners on three quads riding on the sea ice into the rising sun

A plumber’s world this week from Davis as we take a look at a trip to… Read more

Two expeditioners walking and one cross country skiing dragging a sled on the sea ice

A small step, a big step, a step beyond and a step too far! Read more

Gavin standing in front of dart board

Firey darts and not-so-icy water this week at Davis. Read more

Photo of the depth gauge in Deep Lake

Oh the things we do for science! A sea ice drilling expedition to Deep… Read more

Mark, Aaron and Col Raise the Australian, Aboriginal and New Zealand flags

ANZAC Day, hydroponics and a Doc’s story this week from Davis station. Read more

The main electrical control panel

This week we take you on a tour of Davis station. (Part 1) Read more

Rodney the chef standing in front of the hot plate cooking the steak for dinner

The show comes to town/station! Read more

Paul in yoga ‘child’s pose'

The electricians take over the news this week with stories on staying fit… Read more

Jeff ready to go onto the ice with the Rescue Alive unit with his fellow expeditioners standing around him

A thrilling tale of sea ice drilling followed by a movie marathon of epic… Read more

Mark harvesting some fresh herbs

This week’s news comes from the comms team and features stories on… Read more

An oily looking slick and pancake shaped ice forming on top of the water

Equinox and shorter days bring interesting light effects. We also debrief… Read more

Two of the three diesel mechanics running away through the workshop door

This week, the diesel mechanics take over the Davis station news! Well… Read more

The incinerator building with the roof ready to be removed

Davis says goodbye to ‘Warren’ the incinerator. A look at sea spray… Read more

Paul taping a cover on an exhaust vent with ice bergs in the distance.

An update on the Davis station building projects, expeditioners farewell… Read more

IRB out on the water checking the fuel line on a perfect day

Antarctic weather — gotta love it! Read more

Voyage leader looking out port hole of the Aurora Australis

Davis station prepares to hunker-down for the long winter ahead with a… Read more

A photo of containers stacked ready for return to Australia on the Davis wharf

No news this week due to the re-supply at Davis. Read more

The ship Aurora Australis stuck in the thick ice during resupply

It’s resupply time at Davis, international station leaders drop in and… Read more

Chinese expeditioners pose for a photo at Davis

International visits, bird watching and fire training at Davis station. Read more

An expeditioner dressed like Angry Anderson but with fake tattoo sleeves

Dancing, walking and a mysterious clockmaker, this week from Davis station. Read more

A selection of cakes and biscuits for Christmas morning

Christmas at Davis station sees Santa arriving by Hägglunds. Read more