Antarctic weather — gotta love it!

Riviera of the south

Davis is renowned for its ability to lull you into a false sense of security. It can certainly turn on a brilliant display of crystal clear blue skies and windless days. You know, the type of weather that sees you dangling your feet in the water over the side of a tinny with a fishing line in hand and no expectation of even catching anything. Just daydreaming is about all you can handle anyway. 

A glimpse of things to come

And then there is the other side of Davis that can give you a harsh reality check! Not the intensity of our sister stations to the east and west, or that of our most northerly subantarctic station, but nevertheless, from tinny to Antarctic weather is a big change. Oddly enough it breathes a new energy into the expeditioners! Those outside jobs are cancelled, inside, 10 minute long jobs become two hours and just getting around is a challenge. There’s no grumbling about the weather by anybody on station though, just that boost you get from seeing something of what you’ve come down here to experience. It’s all positive energy and the lads are into it. We went to bed Monday night and woke to the following scenes. We’re truly blessed to be down here, looking forward to the winter. Bring it on!

Class of winter 2013

The seventeen winter expeditioners at Davis.