Bird over water

My journey to Antarctica has been a long one…It’s to be expected, but… Read more

Five people in fire fighting uniform stand in front of a green building with a man smiling in the middle of them.

Station Leader Brett Barlee recounts the eventful Field Operations Recess… Read more

A large blue cargo box is unloaded by crane from the RSV Nuyina

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A smiling woman stands next to a Welcome to Davis Antarctica sign. The sign is adorned with street signs pointing to may locations on earth.

Farewell from the 76th ANARE as the cycle of station life continues. Read more

A lone black and white penguin stands on the snow.

Reflections about life on station. Read more

A smiling man leans over a hydroponics tray and pulls out long straggly cucumber plants.

This week sees the station community doing a deep clean in readiness for a… Read more

Five smiling people sitting on a bench out the front of a red hut.

Experiences made with friends shape a year on the ice Read more

A behind view of an Antarctic expeditioner walking in the snow towards a large snowy ridge

The Taaffe Ridge walk is a favourite amongst the 76th ANARE. This week… Read more

a group of five people sitting on chairs with brown coloured coffee facials on their faces and some with towels on their heads.

What it means to be a family Read more

A tray of dehydrated apple slices

How to keep everyone fed when you live over 4000km from the nearest shops Read more

silver trays of oysters, smoked salmon and prawns on a white tablecloth

A tongue in cheek account of life as an Engineering Services Supervisor Read more

Vehicle tracks in fresh snow with the side wall of a glacier visible in the background.

Shane, one of our plumbers and a seasoned veteran of Antarctica shares a… Read more

A lady wears a pink face buff, beanie and sunglasses perched on her head, all covered in a thick layer of ice crystals.

An evocative account of snow and ice in Antarctica by Rae, our station… Read more

Aerial shot of Davis Station showing numerous coloured buildings set into a snowy and rocky landscape.

An insight into the "harsh" conditions we endure at Davis Station from… Read more

A group of five smiling people sitting inside a snow cave.

Recreation and special events are a big part of life on station. This… Read more

A white Hilux on station in Antarctica

The extreme temperatures in Antarctica affect man and machine alike. Read more

A man covered in a hot pink blanket lies on a couch cuddling a stuffed toy dog.

Sage advice from an experienced expeditioner. Read more

A green snow-covered vehicle sits atop a rocky landscape just in front of a snow covered frozen lake.

A tribute to the mighty Hägglunds from Mick, one of our plumbers. Read more

Clear blue lake ice with suspended air bubbles within creating a spectacular effect

The passage of time on an Antarctic station, and unfinished projects. Read more

A group of five smiling people standing on a sandy beach in Antarctica with a hill in the background.

A story from "The Bloke Who Loses Stuff" Read more

A line of black rock cuts through the surrounding beige rock of a hill with the blue sky visible above it.

Plumber and photographer Todd, takes us on an awe-inspiring journey… Read more

A box of freshly caught mud crabs

The things you miss, especially a dog called Zeus Read more

A group of people wearing bright yellow fire-fighting suits watch a man in a blue uniform rolling up a large orange fire hose.

This week we hear about emergency response on station from our Fire Chief… Read more

A smiling lady wearing a striped red and white apron lays out food on tables covered in white tablecloths.

How to celebrate Midwinter at an Antarctic station Read more

A tall blue iceberg pokes out of the frozen sea-ice. The distant horizon is shades of yellow and orange.

Reflections on the shades of light and colour in an Antarctic winter Read more

A man standing on the sea-ice hauling a sled fully laden with bags and equipment.

Station Mechanical Supervisor Eric shares a fabulous sled-pulling… Read more

A group of people wearing costume hats seated around tables in a room.

Antarctica provides the opportunity to wear many different hats outside of… Read more

A lone black and white penguin standing in the snow turns and looks sideways at the camera.

An experienced expeditioner reflects on the majesty, adventure, routine… Read more

An aluminium sled carrying different coloured packs, sits on the sea-ice.

Our electronics engineer introduces us to some of the "really cool"… Read more

Two people wearing yellow snow gear using a very large drill to drill a hole into the sea-ice. There are three red quad bikes in the background and one person watching on.

Plant Operator Dan shares "a day in the life" at Davis Read more

An inside view of the hydroponics building showing three rows of empty plant pots sitting in white trays down one wall and the opposite wall covered in green vines

The smell of fresh basil, sage or oregano... so strange yet so welcome in… Read more

A group of smiling people in yellow cold weather clothing stand on the deck of a red field hut.

Mick, one of our plumbers, shares the reality of camping in Antarctica and… Read more

Two men stand in front of the Australian and Aboriginal flags during an Anzac Day service at Davis station

Davis Station shares a reflection from Anzac Day Read more

A swirling bright green ribbon of light dances across the night sky over the top of the buildings that make-up Davis Station

We are incredibly privileged to experience the unique and stunning natural… Read more

A red Hägglunds fire truck, inside a large industrial shed, facing a large red metal door that goes all the way to the roof

A fascinating insight into the role of the humble door on the icy… Read more

A smiling man in an SES uniform stands by the open pilot's door of a helicopter

Chris, one of our carpenters, shares a story of resilience and personal… Read more

A view from the shoreline of a lake looking out over glistening water surrounded by rocky hills.

How often have you heard, "the only things you'll smell in Antarctica are… Read more

The still waters of a calm bay reflect the pink-red skies overhead.

Reflections on life in Antarctica Read more

Five smiling people in warm outdoor clothing standing in front of a lake with rocky hills in the background..

Marshall, our electronics engineer, shares a fun weekend in the Vestfold… Read more

A group of three people in the distance wearing backpacks hiking across the snow towards an icy lake.

The art of survival training Read more

A group of six smiling men wearing yellow jackets and blue helmets and one smiling woman wearing an orange jacket all stand together on a rocky outcrop with a blue lake in the distant background.

Antarctica is a unique and isolated environment. Making sure we are well… Read more

Five people in a high-ceiling shed with a skylight, setting up food and drink on a table, and musical instruments on a stage in the background. There are two Australia flags suspended from the ceiling as well as a Boxing Kangaroo flag (yellow kangaroo on a green background).

Whoever thought a career start in delivering light and sound gear in a… Read more

A man standing on a wharf, with an air-compressor, blows dirt off a large half-height orange sea-container

Part 2 of Dave's resupply experience Read more

A barge with two men and a large white sea-container makes its way across sea-water filled with lots of ice-floes. land can be seen in the background.

Dave, a first-time Station Supply Officer, shares his experiences of… Read more

A large elephant seal lies on the sand behind a red and yellow surf flag. In the near background is the ocean with large chunks of sea-ice floating in it and some large icebergs in the distance.

A snapshot of Australia Day and station life from Kez our chef Read more

A blue vehicle with a trailer, both on tank tracks driving up a dirt road surrounded by ice and snow. People can be seen inside the vehicles.

Find out what happens in an expeditioner's first few hours on station and… Read more

A smiling man in snow goggles and a beanie standing in front of a group of penguins in the snow

This week Ben, one of our resident sparkies, gives a fabulous account of… Read more

30 people, photographed from above, dressed in colourful Christmas costumes lying in the snow staging a Christmas scene with Santa, a sleigh, and elves

It’s been a fun couple of weeks at Davis station as expeditioners… Read more