This week sees the station community doing a deep clean in readiness for a new team to take ownership of the village that has been our home for almost 12 months.

Spring Cleaning

Our season is coming to a close and in preparation for the arrival of the next team a major station cleanup is underway.

Over two days the communal areas were thoroughly cleaned from the ceilings to the floors.

Two of the major cleaning tasks were restarting hydroponics and scrubbing out the kitchen.

The hydroponics cleanup team uprooted all the lovely green plants, bagged them up and sent them for incineration. Then the entire hydroponics setup was disassembled, cleaned, sanitized and reassembled. Careful use of a heated pressure washer was required as water is a limited resource here. After reassembly the plumbers then made short work of fixing any leaks in the system. This yearly restart reduces the risk of plant disease and ensures next year’s team get the best start for a steady (but limited) supply of fresh produce.

The kitchen team, encouraged by the velvet-whip-like motivation from our chef, moved everything out of the kitchen into the mess area then scrubbed every surface in the kitchen. Everything was then moved back into the kitchen and the mess was emptied of furniture for the floor polishing team.

The next area on the agenda is the SMQ (sleeping and medical quarters). The winter team will be moving out of the SMQ and into SAM (summer accommodation module). The accommodation rooms (“Dongas”), bathrooms and hallways will then be cleaned ready for the ship’s arrival and disembarking of the 77th ANARE Davis winter team.