A room with tables covered in white table cloths. Various hand made art items are displayed on the tables.

Art-tarctica and a weekend on and off station. Read more

Two red Hagglunds on the ice with expeditioners sitting on the roof

Wrapping up the winter season Read more

The floor of the sea underneath a sheet of ice

What do you do during a season without scientists? Read more

Two aerial photos of the colourful station buildings.  In one, the ground is covered in snow and in the other the snow has almost disappeared

We let pictures tell a thousand words as we look at some of the amazing… Read more

A seal pup lying on the ice with its mouth open as if smiling

We look at the return of wildlife and summer to the Vestfold Hills Read more

Three round red caravans in the snow

The fruits of life ... and station Read more

Three plumbers sitting at a table drinking beer

Part Two: The Tarn Diaries Read more

Water flowing from a hose in to the icy water below

Part One: The Tarn Diaries Read more

A bulldozer

This week we take a look at the man behind the bulldozer.... Read more

A convoy of vehicles parked on the beach

Three weeks waiting patiently on the weather Read more

Birds bobbing in the sea

Take a look at some of the science that happens over an Antarctic winter… Read more

A large electrical switchboard with lots of wires

One of our electricians, Pete, talks us through the life of a winterer at… Read more

Two people sitting on a rock silouetted against a beautiful sunset

A heart wrenching story of one expeditioner's winter and her Father's… Read more

Pitch black night with three men working under lights in the centre of the picture

Making water when you're surrounded by ice Read more

A mock up film poster for Davis' entry "Totally Cooked" featuring two men in costume

This week at Davis we celebrated a couple of victories.... Read more

Two electricians working on a switchboard

The "A" Factor - Taking a look at what it takes to be a plumber at an… Read more

Two cooking show contestants on a poster

The making of our 48 hour Winter International Film Festival contribution… Read more

A man with frozen beard

A journey into the southeast Vestfold Hills Read more

A group of expeditioners in an inflatable rubber boat cruising in the water

This week our Station Mechanical Supervisor, Cameron, looks back at the… Read more

Rocky road and jelly dessert on a plate

This week, we take a look at some of the creative desserts created by the… Read more

Aurora Australis green sky over station

This week, Station Mechanic, Dylan Hill, shares his experience during the… Read more

A delicious, healthy platter of carrot sticks, celery, crackers and dips bound for the bar

This week at Davis station it’s all about the food as our talented Chef… Read more

An expeditioner holding a flag while standing on top of a rock

Heat trace specialist sparkie Chris shares on hut trips and other… Read more

Penguin carved out of ice.

Mid-winter celebrations at Davis - 2020 Read more

An orange solar pillar lights up the purple horizon during the last sunset for six weeks

Tom covers the long night and undoubtedly the best plumbing team in… Read more

The blue and white Ellis Rapids flowing relentlessly into Ellis Fjord, surrounded by brown hills

Meteorological musings of a weather balloon technician Read more

an expeditioner gazes out over watts hut bridge during the bright summer as strong rapids flow underneath

Watts Hut bridge is winterised Read more

Aurora australis over the helipad

This week, one of our resident semi-professional photographers, Will… Read more

four quad bikes in front of a landscape of snow and rocks

The big question: Why go to Antarctica for a year? Read more

Penguins on iceberg

Looking back at summer boating Read more

Jason the “casualty” lies on the snow covered ground in the dark surrounded by rescuers

Auroras and things that go bump in the night! Read more

Expeditioners laying wreath at cross. Three flags half mast

Anzac Day at Davis Read more

Two expeditioners sit on the snowy ground while taking measurements from a soil probe

Plant Operator Wayne shows off his super cool office views in the snowy… Read more

Two expeditioners ski towards Anchorage Island across snow covered sea ice into the low sun and blue sky

Met Observer Jen shares one of her season highlights Read more

An elephant seal track across the snow covered grey sea ice

Ice-olation vs isolation; pandemic parallels at Davis this week! Read more

Three expeditioners undertaking a search and rescue exercise

A cold morning on the icy shore and a light show to remember! Read more

Six elephant seals cuddle together during their slumber with contented expressions on their faces.

Elephant seal relations and World Met Day celebrations! Read more

Carpenter makes a saw cut on his scale workshop model Aurora Australis ship

Station carpenter Grant shares his awesome experience of LSA training at… Read more

Chef Donna dressed in firefighting attire extinguishes a blazing car at fire training

Who do you call when there’s a fire emergency in Antarctica?! The Fire… Read more

Against a grey ice background, one Adélie penguin walks across the frame while another belly-slides across behind it

This week, Ben ponders the idiosyncrasies of the comical Adélie penguin. Read more

Grant in the process of building a scale model of the Aurora Australis ship in the Davis workshop

The start of winter offers a chance to reflect on a familiar sight in… Read more

all Davis expeditioners outside in front of helicopter hangar

The summer season that was… Read more

The hydrography team stop for a photo in front of the Aurora Australis ship in Hobart

Surveying the Vestfold hills and surrounding waterways is all in a days… Read more

A collection of greeting cards posted from a class of school kids

What do chefs and geoscientists have in common? They all love hanging… Read more

A group of expeditioners wade into the sea at Davis

Meat pies, cricket and a sub-zero swim the order of the day at Davis Read more

A group photo in front of Bharati station

A science delegation from Davis visits the Indian station, Bharati, while… Read more

A black Wilson’s Storm Petrel bird swoops through the frame

Dan, Dan and Jen head out to Hop Island this week for a scientific… Read more

Three men sitting on rock summit

An engineering services supervisor’s take on reverse-osmosis units… Read more

The Davis cohort pose in front of a red helicopter for a snowy, Christmas themed group photo.

Reminiscing over the past fortnight of Christmas and new year festivities… Read more