The making of our 48 hour Winter International Film Festival contribution and celebrating a Viking birthday.

Filming during a blizzard and celebrating a birthday...

Making a movie is never easy and this year's contribution to the Antarctic 48 hour Winter International Film Festival was no exception! Whilst a regular film crew might have to contend with crowds of onlookers and pretentious actors demanding 1000 blue M&M's in a martini glass before they continue filming, we had a different issue to contend with. The Antarctic weather turned on 173km/h wind gusts and mountains of snow being dumped during the very 48 hours we were filming, so a mainly indoor theme was decided...

The process began on Friday night with a brainstorming and script writing session followed by 0900 Saturday "Call" with Producer/Director Dan D to lay out the plan for the weekend. Our lead actors stepped up to the plate and "Totally Cooked" was born. The film is based around a cooking show where contestants were competing to spend another year at Davis, their dish would have to be prepared using the leftover food in the emergency rations container and judged by a panel of three judges.

To certify the film was made in the 48 hours allotted, it was required to feature:

1. The sound of a wet slap

2. Bruce Lee

3. A group "dining all together"

4. The phrase "Stay a little longer, baby"

5. A stretcher.

A key theme is many of this year's films from all nations was the harsh reality that some of wintering teams for 2020 have been extended due to COVID and international logistics issues. For us at Davis it has meant being asked to stay for a second summer and additional 4 months, but for others they might have to "stay a little longer, baby"...

The result??? Well you can see for yourself at the below link! Voting is only open to Antarctic stations though so you'll have to just enjoy it quietly.

The other main event this week was the coming of age for one of the stars of "Totally Cooked," Jonny Hollywood as he is known, celebrated in style with a Viking themed dinner including spit roast and converting the dining table into a longboat! Happy birthday John and thanks to Steve for his work building the longboat, Tom for the roast, and Donna as always for the cake. Also good to see a surprise appearance by our resident DJ at the afterparty...

Thanks to all who helped produce the film and celebrate the Viking night.

David Knoff

Crustacean Leader