A large lounge are with a pool table and ping pong table

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3 men standing in front of a Hagglunds surrounded by rocks and snow

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Three people in a weather observing office

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The corner of a spa

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A pallet full of boxes of biscuits

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An ocean view with blue sky, snow on the ground and some flags

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A table of Christmas desserts displayed on a table including a gingerbread house

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A group of expeditioners in yellow survival clothing standing outside a Basler aircraft

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A man in a green beanie taking a selfie standing on the back of a ship

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A helicopter carrying a blue cage on a long rope

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A heli-deck on the back of a ship with icebergs and water in the background

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Aerial view of the Vestfold Hills showing rocky ground and a small covering of snow with the ocean present behind

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A group of expeditioners on the ice with a red plane in the background

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three penguins on the ice

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One man and one woman in climbing harnesses with ropes on the top of an ice cliff

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A team of people standing in search and rescue harnesses on top of rocky mountain with water and ice in the background

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4 men in beanies standing outside a faded red hut

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Gingerbread house complete with large gingerbread trees

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