Man in yellow jacket holds teddy bear while standing in front of a very large grey aeroplane

Expeditioner David, one of our Station Supply Officers and a Dad joke… Read more

Two smiling women with elbows touching. Sea-ice and icebergs in the background

Bon Voyage and new beginnings at Davis Read more

Two red and white planes on the sea ice refuelling

Every year the station changes over where a new excited crew arrive ready… Read more

A plane approaching a sea ice runway on a grey day

Every year the ski landing area out the front of Davis station is prepared… Read more

A landscape of snow with rocks and hills in the background

As the year comes to an end our Senior Field Training Officer reflects Read more

A band of 4 people performing with an enthusiastic audience watching on

The station is getting ready for the arrival of the new team and reflects… Read more

A hiker with a large backpack standing on a rock with ice cliffs in the background

October is a great month to get out and about at Davis Read more

A selfie of two men in outdoor hiking gear with a yellow tent on the snow

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Adélie penguin waddling between some rocks and snow

The return of the penguins to Davis station Read more

Two people standing in yellow jackets are connected to ropes on the top of an ice cliff

The team at Davis are preparing to go home Read more

Close up of frozen blue water with bubbles captured

We have a good time even though we live in a very inhospitable place Read more

Three people on the rocks with snow in the background

Its nice to get away for a weekend or two or three... Read more

A line of people dressed in Lord of Rings costumes walking away from camera on the snow

Wrap up of the midwinter film festival Read more

Yellow R U OK? sign covering part of a green building

Supporting each other on September 8th is R U OK? Day. Read more

A man in hi-vis standing behind a steel structure with some welding equipment in a workshop

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A blue Hägglunds and a snow groomer towing a sled on the sea ice with hills in the background

The team went to retrieve a couple of groomers Read more

A man in shorts riding a gym bike smiling

Davis wins multiple medals and has a lot of fun Read more

A white box with luvres with  a weather instrument inside

Weather observing in extreme conditions Read more

A group of people laying on couches on the sea ice

Davis takes the official station photo a little differently to most years Read more

A group of men smiling in front of a dart board

Davis wins the prestigious inter-station darts competition for 2022 Read more

A poem over an image of two penguins standing on rocks. The poem reads: "It comes at a price  This illustrious living on the ice  When we head South and leave the ones close to us behind  it doesn't mean that they are ever far from our mind  Like the tip of an iceberg only showing a small part  You can't always see what goes on deep down in our heart.  In those dark and long nights we sit in the bar  Thinking and talking about you somewhere up there, afar"

Just because it seems like we are living our best lives down south it… Read more

A group of expeditioners walking across sea ice

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Purple and pink colours in the sky with clouds

Antarctic skies are more varied and beautiful than you imagine Read more

An aerial shot of a round pool in the ice with fake grass and some small huts

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Three men on stage with guitars

Antarctic expeditioners have many talents Read more

2 men with instruments on the sea ice in the dark

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Sky and frozen ocean with mountains with some orange colours showing through the clouds

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A photo of the Davis winter crew with an invitation to Mid-winter celebrations

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A penguin jumping out of the water in front of a rocky shoreline

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A group of men standing around a suspension bridge over snow and rocks

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A large lounge are with a pool table and ping pong table

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3 men standing in front of a Hagglunds surrounded by rocks and snow

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Three people in a weather observing office

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The corner of a spa

Resupply brings some new gym equipment Read more

A pallet full of boxes of biscuits

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An ocean view with blue sky, snow on the ground and some flags

The team at Davis find new ways to entertain themselves as they head into… Read more

A table of Christmas desserts displayed on a table including a gingerbread house

Davis has the BEST chef and one of our electricians shows his appreciation Read more

A group of expeditioners in yellow survival clothing standing outside a Basler aircraft

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A man in a green beanie taking a selfie standing on the back of a ship

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A helicopter carrying a blue cage on a long rope

Chief Pilot wraps up the summer Read more

A heli-deck on the back of a ship with icebergs and water in the background

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Aerial view of the Vestfold Hills showing rocky ground and a small covering of snow with the ocean present behind

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A group of expeditioners on the ice with a red plane in the background

Sacha shares his Antarctic journey so far Read more

three penguins on the ice

Ever wondered what the penguins are thinking? This is one expeditioners… Read more

One man and one woman in climbing harnesses with ropes on the top of an ice cliff

The Davis technical Search and Rescue team do some training Read more

A man stands on the snow in front of a snow groomer moving snow at Woop Woop skiway

The team prepares the skiway at Woop Woop Read more

A team of people standing in search and rescue harnesses on top of rocky mountain with water and ice in the background

Davis crew tells all about why they love living at the end of the earth Read more

4 men in beanies standing outside a faded red hut

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Gingerbread house complete with large gingerbread trees

The Davis family celebrates Christmas Read more