Ever wondered what the penguins are thinking? This is one expeditioners interpretation

A Tale of Three Penguins

Fred – “Hey guys, anyone want to go for a walk?”

George – “Yep, I’ll come.”

Rick – “Count me in.”

(all start walking)

George – “Hey Fred, where are we going?”

Fred – “This way.”

George – “I know we’re going this way. Why are we going this way?”

Fred – “Because I saw Rick go this way yesterday.”

Rick – “I didn’t go this way.”

Fred – “You did Rick. I saw you.”

Rick – “Wasn’t me. You sure it wasn’t someone else that looked like me?”

Fred – “Hmmm. Ok, everyone stop.”

George – “Fred, why did we stop?”

Fred – “We’re going the wrong way.”

George – “But I saw Rick go this way yesterday.”

Rick – “It wasn’t me!”

George – “It sure looked like you though?”

Fred – “Ok, which way should we go?”

George – “Lets just keep going the way we were.”

(all start walking again)

Rick – “Hey Fred, where are we going?”

Fred – “For a walk.”

Rick – “Yeah, but what’s our destination?”

Fred – “Destination? I don’t know, I just wanted to go for a walk.”

George – “Everyone stop.”

(all stop walking)

George – “We should go back.”

Fred – “Why?”

George – “Because we don’t know where we’re going.”

Fred – “I know where we’re going.”

George – “Where’s that?”

Fred – “I told you already. We’re going for a walk.”

George – “I’m not going any further.”

Fred – “Suit yourself, I’m going this way.”

(Fred starts walking off)

Rick – “Hey Fred wait for me.”

(Rick starts chasing after Fred)

Rick – “Hey Fred, slow down.”

Fred – “No, I’m not slowing down. You speed up.”

Rick – “I’m going as fast as I can. Wait for me.”

(Fred stops to let R catch up)

Rick – “Hey Fred, we shouldn’t leave G on his own.”

Fred – “Ok. Hey George (yelling). You coming or what?”

George – “No. You’re going the wrong way.”

Rick – “It’s the right way. I came here yesterday.”

(Fred looks at Rick confused)

George – “Ok, wait for me.”

(George catches up)

Fred – “I’m not stopping again. Rick, you go in front if because you know the way.”

Rick – “I don’t know the way?”

Fred – “You just said you were here yesterday?”

Rick – “Did I? Maybe I was, maybe I wasn’t? In either case, I still don’t know the way.”

Fred – “Fine, follow me.”

(all start walking)

George - “Hey Fred, my legs are tired. Can we stop for a rest?”

Fred – “I’m not stopping. You can slide on your belly.”

(starts sliding)

George – “This tickles. You should try it.”

(all start sliding)

Rick – “My belly’s cold. Can we go home now?”

Fred – “Sure. Anyone know the way?”