The return of the penguins to Davis station

They're back!

It has been a long winter with no animals on station (except the two legged dart throwing kind), but this week has seen the return of the Adélie penguins to the Vestfolds.

They came over the horizon like they were heading to a music festival, large groups with a single purpose, to get the best spot to chill.

We all remember the joy just of few of these childlike creatures can bring to your day, just waddling around seemingly with no idea what’s happening!

They have taken the edge off what was a long winter and along with the ever increasing sun, will brighten our last few months in Antarctica.

Now we have something to look at, instead of the constant white on white, little men and women in tuxedo’s!

They may look like James Bond in a casino, but act like the three stooges.

Bring on the laughs!

Kristian – Station Supply Officer.