A couple of expeditioners went on a 5-day camping adventure


As our season begins to come to an end, Bosco and I took the opportunity to step off station to venture along the sea ice whilst dragging sleds on a multi-day camping trip.

The first day saw us stepping off from station toward Barratt Island and then onwards weaving through Bluff Island, Turner Island, Magnetic Island, and Oldroyd Island until our overnight camp destination at Waterhouse Island. We were lucky enough to see some seals coming up from under the sea ice, and a multitude of Adélie’s sliding along beside us.

We awoke to some windy and sleety conditions with our tent half inundated with snow, then we continued on toward Rookery Lake apple hut where we spent the night.

The third day had us hiking off the sea ice in a loop circuit from Rookery Lake apple hut up to Williams Lake, along Bulatnaya Bay, and back to Rookery Lake.

The fourth day we went to check out Rookery Lake and watched the Adélie’s galivanting along the sea ice and back to their nesting location. We then headed back to Waterhouse Island where we walked to the top of the island summit, and took in the view of the Vestfold Hills and the icebergs embedded into the sea ice.

On our fifth and final day, we packed up the tent and headed back to station.

Matt Aisbett