Resupply brings some new gym equipment

The Gym (aka The Get Large Garage)

As resupply came to an end and we said goodbye to a large portion of the group of people that we had shared Davis station with over the summer, there were a lot of mixed emotions flowing throughout the station. Tears (of sadness) flowed, as we hugged and waved goodbye to our summering group. Wishing them the best of luck on their voyage back home, and to their loved ones.

As the ships departed into the sunset, and the emotions began to settle, there was a sudden strong sense of exhilaration and excitement, as we remembered that there was something extra special that arrived with the resupply.

Frantically people began to run around the station looking for flares to light. Luckily, flares were quickly located, with some of us running down to swiftly light them and wave them into the air. This act is traditionally conducted to see off the ships post resupply; however, this year, as we continued to fight back tears, the tradition was covertly conducted to welcome in our precious new gym equipment and spa.

As the flares burnt out, and the ships disappeared over the horizon, a strong sense of restlessness clouded the station (a sleepless night for some), as we were all eager to locate and install our new spa and gym equipment.

As the days ensued, Davis station's primary focus shifted from keeping the station running, whilst conducting science (penguin surveys), to setting up and utilising the new spa and gym equipment (jokes).

The first task to be conducted was the removal of the old and installation of new spa, this task had an all-hands-on deck approach, with the majority of the trades team cracking into it. After this had been conducted, but before we could use it, the crucial job of installing flashings between the spa and walls had to be completed. All credit goes to our project team of plumbers (Scott and Garvan) for fabricating and installing the flashings.

The second lot of tasks saw Kristian and Matt removing and installing the new TVs, new half rack systems, new bench/decline bench system, new music players, whilst removing some of the old iron plate systems and installing some bumper weight plates. We also received some new barbells to compliment the bumper weight sets too.

All in all, it has been a great success, with the new spa being used alongside the new gym equipment. May the gains be with you.