Just because it seems like we are living our best lives down south it doesn't mean we don't miss our loved ones

Thoughts from the ice

Time is flying down here it seems, and especially now that we have past the magic mark of midwinter. For people who don't really know us that close and are forever amazed by our photos on social media from this magic place would maybe easy forget that they show only the best side of what we have the privilege to experience down here.

But in between those great adventures and unforgettable impressions we collect all of us also have those moments where our minds and thoughts drift up north were our families and friends are missing us as much as we do. I like to think of the attached lines as a little tribute to them


It comes at a price

This illustrious living on the ice

When we head South and leave the ones close to us behind

it doesn't mean that they are ever far from our mind

Like the tip of an iceberg only showing a small part

You can't always see what goes on deep down in our heart.

In those dark and long nights we sit in the bar

Thinking and talking about you somewhere up there, afar