A group of expeditioners go for a hike and spend the night in the field

Weekend at Brookes Hut

My name is Jamie Terry and I am a carpenter and Building Services Supervisor (BSS) for the 75th ANARE at Davis station.

Being my first ever season down south, it’s fantastic when we get the opportunity to go out into the field and away from the station. I was lucky enough to go out this weekend on a trip to Brookes Hut along with Sacha (Building Services Supervisor & plumber), Kristian (storeman) and Derryn (electronics engineer).

We set off on Saturday after our morning cleaning duties, our packs loaded with survival gear and supplies. The walk first took us past Lake Dingle and Lake Stinear and on to Deep Lake where Derryn had some scientific data to collect.

We then kept going towards Brookes Hut which was reached after about 13 km of hiking under perfect weather. Once we arrived at Brookes Hut, it was down to the business of melting snow, boiling water, prepping the lovely food which Hermann had cooked for us and then onto the all-important post-dinner entertainment of Uno and Monopoly Deal.

On the way back to station we decided on a different route via Weddell Lake. One thing stayed constant, as the weather was great again and we made good time getting back so were just in time for lunch.

All I can say is Antarctica is fantastic and if you ever get the opportunity to go south, take it as you only live once!