The Davis family celebrates Christmas

A family of our own

I’ve had my feet firmly on the ground of this unforgiving region of the globe that I now refer to as home for just over 2 months. The Vestfold Hills has become just that, our home. Being away from family and loved ones throughout Christmas and New Year is a hard task for any individual. Here at Davis Station it isn’t any easier, but one thing you don’t need to worry about is being lonely. What a community. We had it all, and if we didn’t we pretended we did. One thing we never run short of was love.

My pick from all the fun that was had, without a doubt, was the scavenger hunt; fierce, but fair competition between Team Two Good and The Best of the Best of the Best. I’m not one to run low on energy or character, but if you want to see me in overdrive, make me team captain, let me dress up and watch me burst. But don’t stop me there, let me be Santa, let me be the centre of attention, just where I like to be. To be Santa was an achievement I never knew I needed, I believed this to be an acceptance from my peers and a reflection of my character, it meant a lot and I’ll never forget it.

We brought in the New Year with smiles, hugs and a whole lot of sunlight – yes sunlight at midnight. We did this from the comfort of our new home and you can’t call it a home without a family. That’s what we are, a family. In just 3 months we have managed to go from strangers to loved ones. Antarctica is amazing and the views that surround our home are so magnificently beautiful and at times unbelievable. But for me, it’s the people.

From the 75th ANARE to you and yours, Happy New Year!

Codey Simpson

Expedition Mechanic