Davis has the BEST chef and one of our electricians shows his appreciation

An ode to Hermann Schafellner

Say it with me now, “Shuh-fell-nerrrrrrr”.

As we approach the cold and dark winter months we begin looking for normality. Things that we used to do at home with our friends and families.

In an effort to facilitate this, and to keep everyone at the dinner table for longer than 5 minutes while we shovel our food down, our chef Hermann decided to turn the kitchen into a restaurant and provide a sit down à la carte menu for the whole station.It's bizarre how much we take for granted from our home life, like conversation over the dinner table, sharing a nice glass of red with friends and laughing about the events of the week. It also provided us with an opportunity to clean ourselves up a bit and dress smartly for our big night, although I'm sure Stuart still planned on wearing his work shirt before somebody talked him out of it.

Let's also talk about Christmas, one of my favourite if not THE favourite meals in existence! For the entire day Hermann slaved over stoves making roasted chicken, roasted turkey, delicious pork and ham meals. Just when I thought he couldn't make our Christmas any more enjoyable, Hermann, along with a rag tag group of expeditioners, made Christmas cookies, Austrian goodies and a solid slab of gingerbread house that I may or may not have eaten most of (don’t worry Mum, I still like yours the best).

Hermann is one of the hardest working people on station. It is not uncommon to be grabbing a drink or cup of tea before bed and catch him preparing something for tomorrow's meal (as late as 11pm!). I don't think he gets thanked enough, so from all of us here at Davis, especially me, your favorite customer, thank you for all your tireless efforts to bring us all closer together. We appreciate you xoxo

Will G