The team at Davis find new ways to entertain themselves as they head into winter

The game is afoot

Currently here at Davis Station, we find ourselves waiting for the sea ice to reform so that we can continue to explore the vast and beautiful Vestfold Hills and surrounding areas, whilst also recharging after our resupply which saw us say goodbye to our wonderful summer crew.

Although we could be forgiven for entering somewhat of a lull here, the creative minds here on station realised the potential for such and devised a most cunning plan. You see, usually you would be able to find many of us hanging around together in the communal areas talking turkey and having a laugh. Yet, on the other hand there is a competitive nature to us all which needs to be attended to. Quite often this would involve playing the usual games like darts and pool, card games, Mah-jong, chess or dabbling in one of the many board games here on station and even LAN parties (for my nerds out there). I’m sure there’s more but you get the point.

So, the cunning plan you ask? Well, Bosco (station doc) and Jamie (station chippy) came up with a game which would pit the entire station against each other in an absolute free-for-all where there could only be one winner. After each of us had randomly selected a name from a hat we were given the rules of engagement. The names we had drawn were our targets and the objective was to eliminate them (I know that sounds quite menacing, but I assure you it is all above board). Safe zones were defined and rules outlined to avoid any confusion. The main rule of note was, “only you and your target can be present for the hit, if a 3rd party were to be present then it doesn’t count”.

Immediately plans were seemingly devised, but who could you trust? Being by yourself outside of your room was foolish, either travelling in groups of 3 or finding solace in a participant who had already fallen was the safest bet. As the game has unfolded in recent days plenty of targets have succumbed to cunning ploys and elaborate schemes, others (like myself) probably couldn’t have given their assassin an easier opportunity, but we don’t need to speak about that. Please. Anyways, the game continues to unfold, it dominates many discussions and remains to be a constant source of laughter for us all.

As of this moment it is unclear just how many participants are left, but word on the street is we are down to our final 2 or 3. So good luck to those who still partake, may your target be asleep in a communal area or something crazy like that. Happy hunting!

P.S. Enjoy some random photos that probably have nothing to do with anything I just wrote.

Cheers from Davis Station’s worse assassin and photographer apparently,