This week we take a look at the man behind the bulldozer....

Shifting Snows: The Wayne Fairhall Story

I am very privileged and happy to be at Davis research station as the Davis Aerodrome Project and Station plant operator.

We have a great bunch of very talented guy’s and girls for the winter season, all great people, keen and outstanding at their jobs. Everyone happy to help and ‘go the extra mile’. A real pleasure to be part of the Davis winter team

A dream job that has been on my bucket list for many years; my original contract was for 5 months over summer but got the opportunity to extend my contract for the winter and following summer. Winter is by far my favourite time of year down here, with the change from the bare rocky outlook with a little snow to the full snow cover with some rocks showing.

Snow, Snow and more Snow

There is no shortage of snow at this time of the year, it snowed on 21 days in September, with 11 days of gale force winds and enough snow to keep me busy clearing access tracks and doorways around the station.

Most days I get on the D1 (Shovel) and the D6 (Bulldozer) to clear snow.

I use our D6M wide track dozer (or the Pozitrack for small places), to clear roads through snowdrifts and blizz tails around station of which we have quite a few. Trailing side of every building, vehicle, structure, service and rock

Return of the wildlife

We are starting to see the return of some wildlife at station again much to the delight of us all. It has been a long time since we have seen anything different on station other than snow.

On Thursday, we were pleased to have some visitors at our wharf, six emperor penguins. They came and stayed for a couple of hours much to the delight of the locals. Eleven of the 24 people on station went down to greet them and take numerous photos and videos.

Further afield off station the Weddell seals are now starting to make an appearance, increasing in numbers each week. In addition, some petrels are starting to return. It is always a great highlight to see some wildlife when traveling off station.

Stay safe and warm,

Wayne Fairhall

Plant Operator