Art-tarctica and a weekend on and off station.

Davis summer art show and field trips

This week we welcomed December, and what should have been lovely summer weather at the "Riviera of the South". For some reason however, the weather seems to be about 10-11 days later than expected, so it's still a bit gloomy and wintery here! Not to worry, we're now quite adept at finding ways to enjoy the time here in Antarctica, and this week was no exception.

With the final days of sea-ice travel upon us, the station was down to just 11 people out of 24 at one point, as expeditioners hurried to enjoy the weekend off-station. And for those of us left, we cooked up a storm on the station BBQ (salad optional).

But it was the Davis Summer Art Show that really shone this week as the talents of the team were put on display for all to see.