Looking back at summer boating

A lookback at Summer boating

It is a unique environment down here in Antarctica. I have had the privilege of two expeditions down south, firstly to Casey station, and now Davis station. I work as a Field Training Officer (plus Stores in winter). I have spent a lot time in alpine environments in both the northern and southern hemispheres, skiing, climbing, walking and paddling. But Antarctica has a different feel. There is a sense of distance and mystery. A discovery waiting to happen.

I have seen some amazing coastlines in Australia, New Zealand and Alaska, but the simple pleasure of doing a boat trip to the Sørsdal Glacier from Davis station is breathtaking. It is difficult to capture the beauty of the place at least with my limited photographic skills. But I thought that I would share with you a few photos for a very enjoyable trip.

I hope you enjoy.

Jason Beachcroft, Field Training Officer/Winter Storeman

Nb. Jason was the 2014 Australian Geographic Adventurer of the Year after he circumnavigated Australia in his kayak (18,000km in 533 days). An incredible tale and great addition to the Australian Antarctic Program.