The big question: Why go to Antarctica for a year?

Karaoke and Icebergs

One of the interview questions I was asked was, "Why do I want to go to Antarctica?" My answer was "Given the opportunity, Antarctica is the closest to space on earth I can possibly go to". Every time I travel around, it always hovers on my mind.

My field travel training trip to Bandit’s Hut was one of those times. It was breathtakingly beautiful (more breathtaking), cold and scary all at the same time. It always amazes to see so much ice stacked up in this corner of the world. With wind on a low 5-7 knots and a cloudy sky, we were not as lucky as the other team to get some photos under the sunlight.

Nevertheless the vast space full of ice, snow and giant icebergs made us revel in the beauty of the nature around us. The closest picture that comes to my mind is that of an artist's impression of titan or some other celestial bodies full of rocky cold and barren landscapes.

With night temperatures dropping to -25ºC, it was cold enough not to think of being outside and just huddle around the heater in the Bandit's Hut where we stayed overnight. Fellow mate Grant mentioned, "This is something we will never get to do when we are out of here", and that just emphasized the significance and uniqueness of the time and space we were in (not thinking of Covid-19).

On another note, besides appreciating the wonders of the nature outside, last weekend the team at Davis decided to celebrate with a karaoke night. These occasional celebrations are important and we all put great effort in to make sure we all have great time in this isolated continent. This also gives us something to count our days with great memories and camaraderie.

Jay Chellappa, Davis Communications Tech